New Releases: Carsick Cars, Hanggai, Life Journey, Nine Treasures


And here we are…a half day left before the curtain is pulled and all your past mistakes, hiccups, trails and tribulations are washed clean in a sea of debauchery. Animals. Well, why not reign in 2014 with these \’hot off the press\’ new releases including the long-awaited return of indie rockers Carsick Cars, Mongolian folk rock outfit Hanggai, indie pop darlings Life Journey, and pagan metal group Nine Treasures. Not a bad way to close out the year.


That’s my personal favorite off newest taste of Carsick Cars’ long-awaited album, 3, in the form of a preheat EP, which includes three new singles off their album. Guess Maybe Mars realized that putting out for that would stir up too much of a frenzy. I like what I hear so far. While I always fear that one day every Carsick Cars will bleed into one another, to the point, where I can’t tell one hit from the next, it seems the band has embraced their pop sensibilities and are gunning for it. And that gets me pretty damn excited. Give The Other 3 a listen over here and pick it up over here.


Continuing on the trend of titillating EPs, Hanggai recently released their second EP this year, entitled Hong Galuu, and the three-tracks of what the Beijing-based Mongolian-inspired folk rock outfit does best – sweeping epic tunes evoking the vast grasslands. And while they aren’t as heavy instrumental-wise, emotionally they still pack a punch, from the gut-turning ‘Autumn’, even on the seemingly-lite closer, ‘Gold Buttons’ which creeps up on you with some magnificent guitar compositions. But really, all of this just begs the question – where the hell is my new Hanggai album? Give it a listen here and purchase it over at Indie Music.


Alright, this’s one for you ladies – indie pop darlings Life Journey have just released their latest cropping of sweet, adorably catchy tunes, which turn me into a fifteen year old high school girl. Entitled, So I Will Not Sing, the five track EP (and two instrumentals – dope) captures all the early 60s Beatles loose and honeyed pop spirit. I definitely feel a bit guilty, but no one can denial how ridiculously catchy ‘Bye Bye’ and ‘Dragons’ are. Just try. According to their douban page, the creative process brought about many teardrops shared within the band – a bit much I suppose. The band will be kicking off a nation-wide tour, so expect to catch them sometime after the Chinese new year. Give it a listen here and buy it over at Indie Music.


Last, I almost forgot to mention that Mongolian pagan metal group Nine Treasures, who have been having quite the year (performing at Wacken Festival, nominated by MIDI for best new band) quietly released their latest self-titled album a couple weeks back – and while it hasn’t found its way online yet, it can be previewed over on their douban page (or soundcloud). Really digging the folk elements more and more from these cats – great mix, and some truly badass melodies. Just might have to run over to Indie Store and grab it.

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