New Releases: Baby Formula, The Other, Muted Rainbow, Mengzhi


Alright, stuck trying to shake off all that cold here in HK – and what better way than to bring in some new releases that have been digging their way into way my eardrums. Here’s the latest from local shoegaze junkies Baby Formula, avant grade artist Muted Rainbow, Shanghai renegade post rock duo The Other, and indie folk artist Mengzhi.

I’m hesitate to call Baby Formula local cause I’ve yet to see these cats play anywhere in Beijing, or better yet, I’ve yet to see them on a bill anytime in the past year. But I’ll be lying if I didn’t say I’ve been loving the heck out of their self-titled debut album – a fuzz worthy, dreamy work of pop art that needs some friggin recognition  – really, I’m in the thick with this one. Glorious, beautiful music here – been on my playlist for a couple weeks now actually – perfect tunes to lose yourself in. Grab it over here at Indie Music and give it a listen here. Wellll, isn’t that a karma bitch slap to the face – they’ll be playing Friday, December 13th, at 69 Café. Shucks.

Onwards! Next we have the debut record from instrumental hard-hitting post grunge rock duo The Other, entitled Nomadology. A very appropriate title indeed ,as the thirteen tracks are a shot of adrenaline to the arm – robust and unhinged. Josh hits it on the nail over at SmartBeijing in stating that this is ‘anything but post rock’. Falls closer to what would happen if Explosions In The Sky were closet heavy metal fanatics. These are jams not afraid to take you to the dark side before giving you release. Give it a whirl over on bandcamp. And be sure to check out The Other this Friday, December 13th at XP and Saturday, December 14th, at Blue Stream Bar. Cool stuff – great to just have on in the background while work chugs along.

Speaking of music to slink back in your chair and get lost in, neo-classical artist Muted Rainbow aka Michelle Proksell has just released Intuitions under Canadian label Arachnidiscs Recordings. A collection of ‘sparse improvisational sessions conjured in Shanghai bedrooms and living rooms during 2012’ and then ‘trimmed, mixed and mastered with poetic freedom at Zulmàt studio in Rome, Italy’, Intuitions really does sound like a forgotten moments captured in time. It’s a slow burn of an album and has an organic fluidness that allows it to unfold at its own lucid sensual pace, giving way to some truly beautiful arrangements.  As Michelle has noted before, she’s really at her best when joined by others, and Intuitions captures just that. Give it a spin and purchase it over here.


Last, we’ve got a new album from indie folk artist Mengzhi. The album lazily titled 2013 is nine tracks of pleasing, smooth, R&B influenced folk that feels genuine and serene. A man, a guitar, with some slight electronic backing added into the mix, it’s a pretty bare-bones album production-wise, which works in its favor. Each song moves along on the strength of Mengzhi’s soft yet confident voice, never overstaying its welcome. I guess the easiest way to sum it up is that it’s ‘chilll’ – goes down nice and easy. Grab it over at Indie Music and give it a listen here.

Alright, back to breezy HK.

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