New Music:Disbanded Tomorrow, Dasanxian, Hello Franky

Disbanded Tomorrow 明天就解散 – Examine Myself Three Times三省吾身

Hangzhou art rock barflies Disbanded Tomorrow reexamine their past on their new EP – 三省吾身 – a reimagining of their sound and a peek into the future of the promising young band. While previously the band leaned harder into their punk rock aesthetics – this time around their scrappy, ramshackle, and nervy rock and roll takes on a softer veneer – injecting a cabaret devil-may-care poetic prose that feels more lived-in. A new coat of paint that fits the band quite nicely. 

杭州艺术摇滚乐队“明天就解散”在他们新 EP《三省吾身》中审视了自己的过去——一次对他们声音的重新构想,并一窥这支前途光明乐队的未来。虽然之前乐队更倒向他们的朋克美学,但这次他们为自己潦草、松散、神经质的摇滚披上了柔和的外表——注入一种卡巴莱(歌厅式音乐剧)式的魔鬼诗意散文,让人觉得更具真实感。乐队的新面目确实非常适合他们。

Disanxian 地三鮮 – The Ultimate AgriKVLTural Revolution 究極農業進化 

Shenzhen d-beat hardcore group Disanxian rages against the machine and the powers that be on their fast, furious and rip-roaring new EP The Ultimate AgriKVLTural Revolution. Tearing down geopolitical issues with sharp sarcastic wit – the band soundtracks the absurdity of the new world order with crust-filled breakdowns, pummeling drums, and shrieking vocals. At under seven minutes, it mostly acts as a swift wake-up call. 

深圳 d-beat 硬核团体“地三鲜”在他们快速、狂暴、咆哮的新 EP《究極農業進化》中向巨大的机器与当权者们发起猛击。以尖锐的讽刺智慧拆解地缘政治问题,乐队用硬痂朋克的 breakdown 段落、沉重的鼓击、尖啸的人声为新世界秩序配乐。在不到七分钟的时间里,大部分时间这张 EP 都在作为一种警示的提醒。

Hello Franky – 闪光吧!你

Pop punk trio Hello Franky, who hail from the rock and roll hotbed that is Xinxiang, has made a name for themselves over the years for their fast-paced, energetic tempos, and spry melodies. Their latest EP ‘闪光吧!你’ sticks to the formula – finding refuge in its bright cheery power pop anthems. It can come off a bit too polished at times (that keyboard horn in ‘Keep On The Sunny Side’ may just give you nightmares) but for the most part coasts on by with sincere conviction. If it ain’t broke… 

来自摇滚乐之乡新乡的流行朋克三人组 Hello Franky,多年来以其快速的节奏、充满活力的节拍及灵动的旋律而闻名。乐队最新 EP《闪光吧!你》继续了这一配方——在明亮欢快的强力流行歌曲中寻求庇护。EP 中可能在有些地方显得过于精致(Keep On The Sunny Side 中的键盘号角声可能会让你做噩梦),但大多数情况下都能带着真诚的信念继续前进。如果没有垮掉的话……

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