New Music : Zoogazer, Seippelabel, Torturing Nurse

Zoogazer  动物园钉子户 – 额角/动物园钉子户

Now that’s a hell of an introduction! While shoegaze has been seeping into the music scene all across China for some time, there’s hasn’t been a band that made as bold a statement as Zoogazer does on their two-track EP – out on Shanghai-based SJ Records and their full-length self-titled off of Qiii Snacks Records (both released within a week of each other for maximum exposure I suppose). From Xuzhou, Jiangsu, the band has crafted a package of infectious sun-drenched pop songs that reverberate not just with a heady amount of noise but a crackling sense of youthful energy. With tracks that gradually build into a synth-accompanied daydream before going off the rails again, others that coast on feathered charm and reverb-drenched melodies, this is dream pop done right. Punch drunk in love with the Zoogaze. 




Various Artists – Seippelabel Vol. 9

Seippelabel, the cross-national label based in the Bay Area, USA and Beijing, China, continues to shine its light on the budding and increasingly globalized talent across the world with their ninth volume as they hit the four-year mark. Their latest curated compilation is one of their strongest, featuring lush arrangements from an array of artists including Seoul based electronic duo Nested Moon, Guangzhou residing tenderly experimental electronic artist Thunzuho, Indonesian sound designer Fahmi Mursyid, bow-stringed drone artist Pool of Light out of Shenyang, Los Angeles daytrippers Alpine Decline and Beijing’s own Guiguisuisui. If that wasn’t enough the release also features the splendid artwork of LaA-based photographic manipulator Robert de Vay.


Torturing Nurse – Raw Tape

Harsh noise staple Torturing Nurse gets around. Since 2004, the analogue harbinger of noise and audial chaos has been a fixture of the noise scene and has done over 220 performances across the world and has been published in more than 370 recordings in just about every format. Dude is a legend, his latest kick has been with Indonesia label Gerpfast Records, who released his Raw Tape, which features two live performances from the artist in Shanghai late last year, as well as the nineteen minute piece ‘My Way’ which is strangely comforting in its long-form metallic grinding down of my senses. Shout out to the label Total Apocalypse compilation which features yet another punishing take from Torturing Nurse whose joined by Axiang on drums. 


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