New Music: Young Drug, Fool & Idiot, KAWA, Loft Youth

Young Drug 回春丹 – 耳鬼出风

Young Drug, hailing from the coastal Qinzhou, has quickly risen through the ranks over the last couple of years with their sharp-edged punk-laced Mando-pop evoking rock and roll. And with a wide berth of singles already under their belts, the band has finally decided to get the good word out there with their debut release, which revamps a large portion of their hits, a collection of absurd stories about keyboard warriors, drunken singers, and even police chiefs who love to wear high-end French fashions. There’s a lot to like about Young Drug – who seem in many ways like an accumulation of the last decade of Chinese indie music. They know how to juggle various modes and better yet, know how to play both sides of the field, allowing their songs to unfold naturally before going in for the kill. 


Fool & Idiot 傻子与白痴 – Year of Fate

Arena rock made for those drinking alone and waltzing to their own amusement, there’s something both unruly and uplifting about Fool & Idiot’s newest release Year of Fate. The band who saw their standing skyrocket after connecting with fans on the last season of The Big Band, are using everything to their disposal here – from brass instruments of all ilk to disembodied vocals straight out of a spacecraft – touching on a variety of genres, sometimes even within one track. Pivoting from a bleeding heart emo ballad to a high-pitched 80s-evoking jangle. The band are at their best when leaving behind their folksy rock roots. Much like some of the juggernaut indie troupes that have run amuck in the West (think Arcade Fire) it’s not always clear what style Fool & Idiot are aiming for – but one thing is clear – they were made for the big stage. 

舞台摇滚是为那些独自饮酒和为了自我乐趣而跳起华尔兹的人们所创作的,傻子与白痴最新发行的 Year of Fate 既不羁又令人振奋。这支乐队在上一季的乐中与歌迷连结到了一起,他们的发展开始急剧上升。在专辑里傻白使用了他们所能支配的一切:从各种类型的铜管乐到直接来自太空飞船的非实体人声,有时甚至在一首曲目中涉及各种类型。从伤感的情绪民谣到高亢的80年代诱人的噪响。乐队在抛开他们民谣摇滚的基调时表现得最好。就像一些在西方横行无忌的独立乐队(想想Arcade Fire)一样,傻白所追求的风格并不是明确的,但有一点很清楚:-他们是为大舞台而生。

Loft Youth 阁楼演奏班 – 幻海日出

Qingdao’s Loft Youth, one of the city’s most versatile acts, aim for that sweet spot between synthy dream pop and jangly city pop – perfectly capturing the breezy lifestyle of the coast and the fleeting sense of youth (and summer which always seems to encapsulate our young adulthood into something more tangible). Reverb washes over its swaying melodies like an early morning mist while at the same time sharp guitar chords cut through the haze opening up the world to warm-hued colors. The band seems to smartly sidestep the clichés of the genre by revelling in its rich and lavish production and its melodic drive which never seems to waver. A fine addition to the increasingly saturated indie pop, and one with more than a few tricks up its sleeve. 

青岛的阁楼演奏班是这个城市最多才多艺的乐队之一,他们旨在平衡合成器梦泡和噪响的 city pop——完美地捕捉到了海岸微风轻拂的生活方式和转瞬即逝的青春感(夏天似乎总是把我们的刚成年的时期概括为更具体的东西)。混响像清晨的薄雾一样冲刷着摇曳的旋律,于此同时尖锐的吉他和弦划破了阴霾,为世界打开了温暖的色彩。乐队似乎聪明地避开了这个类型的陈词滥调,陶醉于其丰富而奢华的制作和其似乎从未动摇的旋律驱动中。这对日益饱和的独立流行音乐是一个很好的补充中,而且他们技巧十足。

KAWA – Mengka Radio 勐卡电台

The sun-soaked Yunnan bred reggae rock group Kawa, do what they do best on their newest EP – taking their southwestern Chinese folks roots and slices in together with the steady grooves of Jamaican reggae. While your mileage will of course vary depending on your deep love for transnational reggae, there’s no denying the chops on these cats – back-beating rhythms galore, dank bass lines, and most importantly, a lyrical desire to seek out happiness in life, despite how much it pushes back at you. An earnest slow tempo jam that might make you want to seek refuge down in the jungles of Yunnan. 

沐浴着阳光的云南雷鬼摇滚乐队 Kawa,在他们最新的 EP 中干了他们最擅长的事情:把中国西南的根源和牙买加雷鬼的稳定旋律融合在一起。因为对跨国雷鬼音乐的热爱程度不同,每个人可能会收获到不一样的东西,受到不同程度的影响,但不可否认的是他们的能力:大量的基调强节奏,沉闷的 bass line,以及最重要的——抒发了在生活中寻求幸福的愿望。一首认真的慢节奏即兴,可能会让你向往在云南的丛林里得到庇护。

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