New Music: Yadae, Shenxiu, Deng Boyu, HUAN HUAN

Deng Boyu 邓博宇 – Tractor Academy 拖拉机学院

Inner Mongolian virtuoso drummer Deng Boyu, who specializes in sounds found within the fringes of rock, noise, and jazz, takes his freewheeling improvisational fervor to the electronic realm with his latest Tractor Academy, out on London based label Dusty Ballz. Known for his offbeat yet technically ambitious skills in bands such as Dawanggang, Wu Tiao Ren, and Hai Qing, here he cuts loose and ‘unveils the instinctual id beneath the electronic alter ego’ utilizing everything from a vibrator to a gong – crafting a whirlwind exploration of sound.

内蒙古的鼓手邓博宇,擅长摇滚、噪音和爵士的前卫之声,他的最新作品《拖拉机学院》将他自由即兴的狂热带到了电子领域,由伦敦的厂牌 Dusty Ballz 发行。在大忘杠、五条人和海清等乐队中,他以特立独行和充满雄心的技术而闻名,在这次的作品中,他挣脱束缚,“揭示了电子人格下的本能”,利用从振动器到锣的一切工具,对声音进行了旋风式的探索。

Yadae 鸭打鹅 – Becoming 生成

Rebirth seems to be embedded into the DNA of Duck Fight Goose (who go by Yadae nowadays) the trailblazing indie act chiefly composed of Han Han and Wu Shanmin, who shed off their math rock indie foundations for the digital and synth pleasures of electronica over the last decade. On their latest, Becoming, under Modern Sky, they veer further into lush funk, soul, jazz, and chillwave territory – a groove that feels both retro and forward-thinking in their innovative hands. Woozy, emotionally ripe and full of sun-kissed synth aplomb – it’s an invigorating and fascinating new path for the group.

“重生”似乎已经根植于鸭打鹅(现在叫Yadae)的DNA中,这个具有开拓性的独立乐队主要由韩涵和33组成,在过去的十年里,他们摆脱了数学独立摇滚的基础,转而追求数字化的电子乐和合成器的乐趣。在他们的最新作品《生成》(由摩登天空)中,他们进一步转向繁茂的放克、灵魂、爵士和 chillwave 领域:在他们的创新下,这种律动既复古又超前。令人眩晕,情感充沛,充满了阳光触感的合成器的魅力对他们来说是一条令人振奋和迷人的新道路。

SHENXIU 参宿 – Moving 运行

No frills math rock with a Midwest emo warmth and rowdy post rock theatricality – up and coming Beijing based outfit Shenxiu get straight to the point on their debut self-released EP, diving headfirst into three intricately assembled instrumental tracks with both technical finesses and vigorous conviction. Brimming with ideas and musical detours, it may not punch above its weight class, but there’s serious potential in these spry musicians.

不加修饰的数学摇滚,带着 midwest emo 的温暖和后摇的喧闹戏剧性——新晋的北京乐队参宿在他们首张自主发行的EP中直奔主题,一头扎进三首错综复杂的器乐曲中,既有技术上的精巧,又有坚定的信念。充满了想法和音乐上的迂回,他们并不想着成为大众明星,但这些活跃的音乐人有着很大的潜力。

HUAN HUAN – Steppin On Mah F333t

Shanghai-based electronic producer streamlines her sensibilities in the pursuit of crafting jams tailor-made for the dance floor on Steppin On Mah F333t, out on VOLT Records. Using electro as the framework, the artist dabbles in everything from breakbeat to acid techno – churning out tracks with a big Detroit vibe – complete with dense rhythms, slick MC samples, and beats that infiltrate those earbuds. A hell of a good time.

在 VOLT 唱片发行的《Steppin On Mah F333t》中,来自上海的电子制作人在追求为舞池量身定做的音乐时,精简了她的情感。以电子乐为框架,这位艺术家涉猎了从 Breakbeat到 Acid techno 的所有内容,以密集节奏,顺滑的MC采样,以及渗透到耳塞中的节拍完善,制作出具有底特律风格的曲目。一段美妙的时光。

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