New Music: Whale Circus, Zilu, Faraway Neighbor

Whale Circus 鲸鱼马戏团 – Vol.5爱,回忆之海与旅行者3号 LOVE, MEMORY SEA & VOYAGE 3

Post rock music that’s novel in its approach and rich in its details, there’s nothing quite like Whale Circus, the Beijing based instrumental collective led by composer Lin Xingyu. His prolific work between the scenes, putting together film scores and other soundtracks, is very much evident in the album’s lush compositions. There’s a cinematic scope to each track, one that’s not afraid to lean into its classical instrumentation as well as it’s pop sensibilities from time to time. 


Faraway Neighbor – Faraway Neighbor

Shanghai-based cold wave duo Faraway Neighbor made up of Peter Isachenko and Mayura Jain, bring brooding glistening havoc to the dance floor on their debut EP. Shrouded in a haze of dark wave and propelled by spiraling synths, industrial beats, and pointed lyricism that entice and lead one astray into a strobe-light filled basement you just might not want to leave from. 

由Peter Isachenko和Mayura Jain组成的来自上海的冷潮二人组合Faraway Neighbor,其首张EP专辑在舞池中掀起热潮。笼罩在暗涌的阴霾中,回旋的合成器声、工业节拍和抒情风格,引导人们进入一个充满闪光灯的地下室,并因此可能不想离开。

Zilu 子路 – 野人的魔术

There’s something unadulterated about Shanghai-based punk project Zillu, headed by crazed nomad Agui, who haphazardly pieced together the ramshackle and rugged LP ‘野人的魔术’. over the past five years between here and the US, sleeping on studio floors and finding solace in perverse pleasures of punk rock. ‘I also want to sing like trash 我也想像废物一样歌唱’ he sings early on in the nine-track release – a candid, vivacious, and somber truth that anyone can relate to – and from there, he scrambles across genres, tangled memories and alcohol-fueled musings. A glorious mess. 

子路乐队,这是一支纯粹的朋克摇滚乐队,以疯狂的阿鬼为首。他们新近带来了这张飘摇粗犷的全长专辑《野人的魔术》。过年去五年中,无论在哪,习惯了在录音室席地而睡,只因在朋克摇滚中能寻找到慰藉。“我也想像废物一样歌唱“ 他在一首早期发行的歌中曾唱到过。这是一个任何人都能联想到的坦诚、活泼、阴沉的事实,从那以后,他在各种流派、纠结的记忆和酒精推动下的沉思中肆无忌怠地唱着。一片狼藉。

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