New Music: Von Citizen, Dashengun, What A Beautiful Day, Life Awaits

Von Citizen – Outlier

Guangzhou’s Von Citizen come out of the gate swinging on their soaring, innovative sophomore LP Outlier. A fluid bubbly fusion of progressive metal, jazz, funk, and djent – there’s something wonderfully subversive in the way they’ve taken these face-melting riffs and breakdowns and have filtered them through what I would call Sega Genesis ambience, topped off with a jazz elasticity whose grooves provide both relief and elation. In many ways, it gives the band permission to geek out and cast the genre in a different light altogether, and in many ways find the fervor within.

广州的 Von Citizen 乐队在他们的第二张专辑 Outlier 中大放异彩。他们将前卫金属、爵士、放克和 Djent 融合在一起,带来一种奇妙的颠覆性,他们将这些能令人融化的 riff 和 breakdowns,通过我称之为 Sega Genesis 的氛围进行过滤,再加上爵士乐的弹性,他们的节奏既能令人放送又让人兴奋。它让乐队得以从不同角度出发,以极客的方式来演绎这个流派,并在许多方面找到了内心的激情。

Dashengun 大神棍 – People’s Artist 人民艺术家

Eclectic extreme metal with musical scales that would make grandma weep, there’s a manic obsessive-compulsive perfection to what Dashengun, the project from music a Tong Lou, has pulled off with his latest 人民艺术家. A relentless mile-a-minute fever dream of thrash metal, folklore, progressive metal, and hyper-active Europop – there’s a carnivalesque audacity to the musical chaos spilling forth from Dashengun, with Liu as the delirious ringleader, leading listeners into the mouth of madness. It’s a twisted roller coaster ride, whose twists and turns are both jarring and exhilarating.


What A Beautiful Day – Love Won’t Wait

Shenzhen-based melodic hardcore band What a Beautiful Day known for their candid emotionally stirring music return to the fray on their newest EP Love Won’t Wait. Tapping into some of the scene’s most eclectic characters, including Hyperslash and Li You of Unregenerate Blood, the band, who for the most part, sing in Cantonese, showcase how much the genre has evolved over the years whilst keeping the core spirit of hardcore shining bright. With hefty echoes of 90s emo WABD’s true power lies in their ability to find raw strength and catharsis within leaving behind one’s regrets. A bleeding heart rock tour de force.

来自深圳的旋律硬核乐队 What a Beautiful Day 以其直率、激动人心的音乐而闻名,他们将带着最新的 EP Love Won’t Wait 回归。What a Beautiful Day 吸收了一些场景中最不拘一格的人物,包括超级斩和不复之血的李游,这支大部分以粤语演唱的乐队展示了这个类型多年来的发展,同时保持了硬核的核心精神。伴随着 90 年代 emo 的回声,WABD 真正的力量在于他们能够找到原始的力量和宣泄的能力,把自己的遗憾抛在脑后。这将会是一场心碎滴血的摇滚之旅。

Life Awaits – CALL ME INSANE

Delivering one sonic catharsis after another via earnest, gut-wrenching vocals, guitar-darting breakdowns, and tranquil, synth-laden waves of ambience, melodic hardcore band Life Awaits swing for the fences on their new LP CALL ME INSANE. If realizing the problem is the first step to a better self, the Beijing band’s latest begs the question – what happens when the world itself is the problem? A darker at times journey into the existential struggle many of us are living in, the band is leaning more into the classical stylings of heavy metal whilst introducing contemporary elements like hip-hop into the mix, balancing its need for high-end production and mature song structure with its therapeutic bleeding-heart lyricism. A bone-crunching embrace of the unknown that proves once again the band is tailor-made for the big stage.

通过真诚的、震撼人心的人声、吉他的 breakdown 段落和宁静的、充满合成器的氛围,一个接一个的声音宣泄,旋律硬核乐队 Life Awaits 在他们的新唱片 CALL ME INSANE 中摇身一变成为了一个声音的宣泄者。如果意识到问题是通往更好的自我的第一步,那么这支北京乐队的最新作品提出了一个问题:当世界本身就是问题的时候,会发生什么?这是一次更黑暗的、关于我们许多人所处的生存斗争的旅程,乐队更倾向于重金属的古典风格,同时在混入了像嘻哈这样的现代元素,在其高端的制作、成熟的歌曲结构与令人心碎的疗愈抒情之间取得平衡。这个对未知事物的刻骨铭心的拥抱,再次证明了乐队是为大舞台量身定做的。

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