New Music: VOLT Records, Good Morning Nanjing, Rhyming Slang, SOTI

Various Artists – SOTI One Year Anniversary 环日一周

Get electronically spiritual with this new compilation from budding label SOTI, whose goal is ‘connecting music with the spirit of borderlessness’ via collecting electronic sounds worldwide. With a knack for the more textual and ambient based electronica, the label celebrates one year in service by rounding up eight Chinese musicians including Liao Kai, Aplx, Cci, Angry5JaR, Dada Gaultier, broken thoughts, UNTECHCIRCLE, and jan Sillen. While many of these producers may not be household names in the electronic community, there’s a lot to love here – particularly for those who prefer their electronica meditative, grainy and deeply immersive.

Various Artists – RHYMING SLANG

Tokyo-based indie label and promoters Rhyming Slang, known for their border-hooping compilations return with their latest cassette featuring a slew of underground acts that touch on everything from punk rock to hard-hitting electronica, including some of China’s finest acts – most notably Chengdu’s Hiperson and Beijing’s Deadly Cradle Death – both fresh off of 2020 LP releases. Also featured is ‘phantom rhythm’ duo Gong Gong Gong and Simon Frank. Overall, lots of surprises and rich discoveries within the release.

Various Artists – Good Morning Nanjing 南京早上好

Hot off the release of the similarly conceived Chengdu2020, this follow-up compilation from Rye Music puts the spotlight on Nanjing. Collaborating with Nanjing’s Oula Art Space, with the help of producers Yang Haisong and Zhao Yongqing, the release gathers a staggering fourteen acts covering a wide range of genres and styles. From veteran bands like Frozen Street who have been around nearly two decades, to recent musical powerhouses like schoolgirlbyebye and Field Cooperative, and even newly established outfits like Comet Tail and EquinoX, the release shows just how deep the musical well goes in Nanjing.

Various Artists – Volt Compilation I

For over the past six months, newly established Shanghai electronic label VOLT has been exploring the dark edges of the techno world, gathering an array of acts along the way. They showcase their roster with their first compilation – featuring eight tracks from seasoned producers including Shanghai Ultra, HWA, Liu Yiwei, Faceless, Linbo_3, Heimu, HUAN HUAN, and San Tai Zi. Chock full of razor-edged hi-fi rave starters coated in black shades of post-punk, industrial, and metal, it’s the type of high-octane, high-quality club music that’s blunt in its nervous system shattering force and all the better for it. Would feel right at home within the walls of Berghain and Tresor.

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