New Music: Voision Xi, Meng Qi, Angry5JaR

Voision Xi 喜辰晨 – 4 Loops in Her Way

Shanghai jazz singer Voision Xi turns inward on her latest release with Eating Music, 4 Loops in Her Way, which takes inspiration from the abstract possibilities of ‘looping and building and creating a perception of musical space’. Utilizing OP-1 with Ableton Live, the artist immerses herself in the waters of ambient music, trip-hop and neo soul to craft a richly textured piece of jazz electronica. Using her emotions as a launchpad, there’s a creative fluidity to the soundscapes found here, making the four tracks a journey worth very much taking. 

上海爵士歌手喜辰晨在她在宜听音乐发行的最新专辑中变得更加内敛。《4 Loops in Her Way》的灵感来自于 “从四个灵感出发,循环与构建,是对音乐空间的感知”的抽象可能性。借用OP-1和Ableton Live,艺术家沉浸在氛围音乐、Trip-Hop和新灵魂乐的水域中,制作出质感丰富的爵士电子乐作品。她以自己的情感为出发点,在这里发现了一种创造的流畅感,使这四首歌曲成为值得一听的美妙旅程。

Meng Qi – Wing Pinger Resonator Feedback

Maverick electronic producer and synthesizer designer Meng Qi, continues to evolve and cross musical boundaries as his latest endeavor, acutely named Wing Pinger Resonator Feedback. Especially a twenty-minute track showcasing the designer’s standalone synth Wing Pinger, which combined with an Ableton Resonator here, turns Meng Qi’s vocal performance into a thing of transcendent beauty. Turning his sorrowful pitches gradually into an instrument, the track evokes everything from Thom Yorke, Four Tet to Sigur Ros, one that seems to show the producer’s continuously maturing artistry and mastery of every aspect of the genre. 

特立独行的电子制作人和合成器设计师孟奇,继续进化自身、跨越音乐边界,他将最新作品敏锐地命名为Wing Pinger Resonator Feedback。尤其在一首二十分钟的歌曲里,他展示了设计师的独立合成器Wing Pinger,与Ableton Resonator结合,将孟奇的人声表演变成了一件超凡脱俗的美妙事物。他忧伤的音调逐渐变成了一种乐器,这首歌让人想起了从Thom Yorke、Four Tet到Sigur Ros的一切,似乎显示了这位制作人不断成熟的艺术性和对音乐风格各方面的掌握。

Angry5JaR – Xiè Hòu

Beijing based producer throws himself into the current of IDM and trance music on his latest ‘Xiè Hòu’, using nuance and minimalism (or as he puts it ‘subtractionism’) to transport listeners to a fully lived-in world of ambience and atmosphere. There’s an exploratory nature to release, allowing the artist to go down various paths over the course of an hour, never allowing himself to be tethered to a singular concept or groove. Lush in its details yet never overbearing, it’s soundtrack music that’s meditative in its pull and sonically stimulating. 

来自北京的制作人在他最新的《Xiè Hòu》中投入到IDM和trance music的潮流中,用细微的差别和极简主义(或如他所说的 “减法主义”)将听众带入一个完全生活化的环境和氛围中。这张唱片具有探索性,艺术家在一个小时的时间里走出了各种不同的道路,从不允许自己被一个单一的概念或节奏所束缚。丰富的细节,却从不张扬,这是原声音乐在它的吸引力和声音刺激中会刺激你的冥想。

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