New Music: U.S.C.R, Dog Släyer, Red Storm, Horror of Pestilence

U.S.C.R 管制 – The Fusion

Seamlessly intregrating hardcore, metal core, death core and emo into a ready-to-blow Molotov cocktail, Wuhan’s U.S.C.R come out swinging on their latest EP The Fusion. Leaning toward the genre’s more positive aspects – maintaining control and being steadfast in the face of our riddled past and uncertain future – the band’s call to arms is most evident in its list of apt guest spots, as the band forms alliances with singers of all ilk, including Chinese Football’s Xu Bo, GaiWaEr’s Zhang Yin, The Will on Kill’s Zhou Jundong, and Four Five’s Yang Yin. It’s heavy, cathartic, and the kind of hardcore music needed in these times. 

武汉的U.S.C.R将硬核、金属核、死亡核和情绪摇滚无缝地融合在一起,制成一杯随时爆炸的莫洛托夫鸡尾酒,在他们最新的EP《The Fusion》中摇摆而出。偏好这类音乐更积极的一面:面对我们千疮百孔的过去和不确定的未来,保持控制,坚定不移。乐队的号召力在恰到好处的嘉宾名单中体现得淋漓尽致:乐队与各种类型的歌手有过合作,包括 Chinese Football 的徐波、街娃 的张引、The Will on Kill 的阿康和肆伍的杨寅。它是沉重的,宣泄的,是这个时代所需要的硬核音乐。

Horror Of Pestilence – Illiterate Construction X Inaudible Deterioration

Guangzhou-based technical deathcore outfit Horror Of Pestilence are certainly not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and are all the better for it. Their new EP ‘Illiterate Construction x Inaudible Deterioration’ is an assault on the senses, yet one that’s richly detailed in its choice of weaponry as it ‘dives deep into the conflict between people versus religion, humility versus divinity’. Middle-eastern touches, old school heavy metal breakdowns, and an almost jazz-like elasticity that paints the guttural sermon in a different light, it’s a hell-bent plunge into the mouth of madness. 

位于广州的技术死亡金属乐队 瘟疫之骇 肯定不会符合每个人的喜好,但也因此他们变得更好。新EP《lliterate Construction X Inaudible Deterioration》是对感官的一次攻击,但在武器的选择上却十分丰富,因为它 “深入到了人与宗教、谦卑与神性之间的冲突”。中东风情、老式重金属的 breakdown 段落,以及一种近乎爵士的弹性,瘟疫之骇从不同角度中描绘出一次嘶吼布道,一种不顾一切的疯狂。

Dog Släyer 狗屠 – Unrighteous Warfare

Hangzhou heavy metal disciplines Dog Slayer are back at it – bringing their stories of honor and courage and murderous cat generals to glorious life on Unrighteous Warfare. Old school metal with a hard rock bent that pays respects to melodic voices that once reigned supreme, there’s a sincerity and conviction to the genre here, in both its instrumentation and its grandiose tales. It’s geeky, it’s silly and for people for an affinity for that late early 80s heavy metal sound, might just be the kick they need. 


Red Storm 暴风赤红 – Real Dreamland 真实幻境

Guiyang core outfit Red Storm (formerly ChiYou) escape reality on their latest EP Real Dreamland, bringing with them some new ideas musically. It’s a nice balance between the more somber post rock-laced metalcore elements and the more harrowing black metal tropes – a balance that becomes even more impressive when you realize its singer An Cheng is pulling both off. Both the emotions on both ends of her frequency ring true and the instrumentation – both bombastic and larger-than-life – seem to match those lows and highs with aplomb. 

贵阳的核乐队暴风赤红(原名赤佑)在他们最新的EP 《真实幻境》中逃离现实,在音乐上带来了一些新的想法。他们在更阴郁的后金属核元素和更惨烈的黑金属题材之间找到了很好的平衡:当你意识到主唱安橙把两者都表现出来的时候,这种平衡变得更加令人印象深刻。频率两端的情绪都足够真实,而器乐上,无论是爆炸性段落的还是比生命更重要的激情,似乎都能很好地配合这些低谷和高潮。

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