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Ts Bayandalai – Kimel

Long-standing Xinjiang-raised Mongolian musician Bayan Dalai, known for his imposing presence and voice in Mongolian grassland troupe Horse Radio and the more experimental avant-garde experimental folk duo december3am, emerges triumphant on his bewitching solo debut – Kimel. Tracing the artist’s bond with the grasslands and the shaman gods that occupy them, there’s a quiet beauty to the atmosphere Bayan Dalai is able to conjure here, exploring the outer edges of his ancestors’ music and finding solace in every word, every guitar chord, and the spaces that fill the void in between. 


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Lofimaker – Ellipse 蚀

Electronic producer Lofimaker, known for his potent interweaving of traditional Chinese sounds with bass-heavy trap aesthetics, returns with a new mix of high-sheen tracks on Ellipse. Deliriously seductive in the way it melds the familiar with the exotic, the albums finds innovative ways to elevate grime, dubstep, and halftime drum & bass, carving out a fine niche on the outer fringes of trap music – a hard-boiled soundtrack to the clans that live both in the past and the future. 

电子音乐制作人Lofimaker以其善于融合中国传统音乐于重低音的美感中而闻名,带着令人瞩目的最新混音专辑《Ellipse》回归视野。专辑中熟悉的异域风情带来极度的诱惑力,探索性的创作提升Grime,Dubstep和其中些许Drum & Bass的质感,精心雕琢trap音乐的延伸,这对于古往今来的氏族来说, 是强有力地呐喊。


Never Before – Savage

Beijing’s premier sludge metal band Never Before, merciless in their might, return with a gnarly new EP, aptly titled Savage. And what savagery they’ve cooked up – leaning, with the weight of the world it feels, into the fuzz and doom-riddled psychedelic swirl the genre is known for. With a penchant for dragging listeners into the deep end of it – across otherworldly riffs, incapacitating bass, and soul-crushing vocals – it slays at just about every turn. 

北京首屈一指的泥浆金属乐队Never Before,强劲而凛冽,带着叫好的新EP回归,专辑名称《Savage》恰如其分。他们创造出了什么样的荒蛮——通过对世界的感知,深入这个模糊末日笼罩的迷幻漩涡中。吸引着听者堕入深渊之中,穿越超凡脱俗的声象,无可抗拒的低音,以及直击灵魂的声线——在一次次地回转中杀戮。

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EASYEAST – Opusculum

The Jinan based electronic producer EASYEAST whose lush Technicolor harmonies wowed us back in 2018, returns to Prajnasonic with vastly different offerings. Based on the compositions of an unknown composer by the name of Noor Sommereyns, whose music sheets gave a peace of mind to the producer during the virus lockdown, it’s an intimate quietly haunting work. Almost entirely comprised of piano orchestration (three tracks of which are owed to the mystery muse), it may not showcase EASYEAST’s crisp and fluid indietronica tones, but the sensibility remains intact – giving listeners an emotionally complex soundtrack to these strange past months. 


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