New Music: The White Musk, Basement Queen, Forgetting Curve

The White Musk 白麝香 – SMOKIN’ HOT (Live)

Looking to avoid the stale too often sterile studio sound, The White Musk, out of Guangzhou, wisely look to their live set for their debut release. Recorded in real time at a show at the livehouse Sound Republic, SMOKIN HOT is a great introduction to the rollicking band – built on a foundation of blues rock and roll and engorged on components of surf rock, garage punk, psychobilly, and even ‘a dash of jet rock’. Sexy, fun, down and dirty rock and roll made for those who grew up with acts such as Guitar Wolf, The White Musk are the real deal.

来自广州的白麝香乐队希望避免陈旧的录音室音效,明智地将他们的首张专辑交给了现场演出。SMOKIN’ HOT是在现场演出场所 “声音共和”(Sound Republic)的演出中实时录制的,是对这支乐队的最好介绍–他们以蓝调摇滚乐为基础,融入了冲浪摇滚、车库朋克、嬉皮士,甚至少许jet rock的元素。性感、有趣、下流、肮脏的摇滚乐是专为那些听着guitar wolf等乐队成长起来的人们打造的,白麝香乐队是真正的一把好手。

Basement Queen – Her Revenge

With ample amount of fuzz and sultry tales of women out for blood, Basement Queen, the bass and drum duo out of Beijing, relish the tropes of hard rock on their debut Her Revenge. Calling to mind more modern acts in the hard rock revival scene such as Muse and of course, Queens of the Stone Age, the duo seem to be having a hell of a good time, adding layer upon layer of fuzz as they bask in their psych-laced twist on stoner and hard rock. Works a lot more than it should.

来自北京的贝斯与鼓二人组 Basement Queen 在他们的首张专辑《她的复仇》(Her Revenge)中加入了大量的模糊音和撩人的女性血腥故事,让人沉醉于硬摇滚的陈词滥调。他们在首张专辑《她的复仇》中回顾硬摇滚的光辉历史,让人想起硬摇滚复兴史上更多的现代乐队,如缪斯(Muse),当然还有石器时代皇后(Queens of the Stone Age),效果远超预期。

Forgetting Curve 遗忘曲线 – Forgetting Curve 遗忘曲线

Swaying between the laid back indie pops vibes of southern China and a more electrified chaotic heart that feels less at ease, Forgetting Curve, out of Guangzhou, are a most welcome addition to the indie scene down south. Their self-titled debut has plenty of woozy city pop-infused melodies to draw you in, but where the band stands apart is how they give themselves over to the reverb, not afraid to turn it up a notch, and let the guitar distortion bleed into its sun-scorched sobriety.

来自广州的 “遗忘曲线 “游走于中国南方悠闲的独立流行音乐氛围与电子化的混乱心境之间,是南方独立音乐界最受欢迎的新成员。他们的首张同名专辑拥有大量充着城市流行元素的朦胧旋律,引人入胜。乐队与众不同之处在于他们如何将自己交给混响,毫不畏惧地将混响再拉高一个等级,让吉他的失真渗入阳光炙烤下的清醒。

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