New Music: The Grinding Ear, Rainbow Boat, Wang Wen

The Grinding Ear 逆耳 – Endless Dream Tide 无尽梦潮 

Beijing’s The Grinding Ear has floating around the capital for well over a decade – often cited as one of the unsung heroes of the post rock scene. And while the band called it quits for a bit, they came back stronger than ever in the past few years, a reawakening that has resulted in one of the best new albums in the genre. From the propulsive drive tethered to ‘Time Diver’ to narrative charge; the musical heft of ‘Escape Scene 逃亡景’; and the evocative and resonating ‘最后一个邮递员’ – the band has no issue steering the ship across multiple canvasses in search of treasure. A great surprise. 

北京的“逆耳”乐队已经在首都活跃了十多年,经常被认为是后摇场景的无名英雄之一。虽然乐队曾一度退出,但在过去的几年里,他们比以往任何时候都更加强大,这种苏醒带来了这一流派中最好的新专辑之一。从 Time Diver 的推进力到叙事力;《逃亡景》中音乐的厚重感;以及引人回味和共鸣的《最后一个邮递员》——乐队驾船在一个又一个画布中找寻宝藏。一个巨大的惊喜

Rainbow Boat 彩虹船 – Rainbow Boat 彩虹船

Instrumental rock outfit Rainbow Boat, who hail from Zhengzhou – one of the oft-forgotten hotbeds for underground rock in China – bring a light, airy, dynamic touch to their warm-hued brand of post rock on their self-titled debut. Much like their northern brethren Sparrow, there’s a grace and delicacy at the arrangements on hand – one that gives the tracks room to breathe. As accessible as they come, with the ability to shift into something even more moving and stirring, Rainbow Boat joins the ranks of other emerging post rock bands giving new life to the scene. 


Wang Wen 惘闻- All Yesterday’s Parties 昨日的聚会 (Wang Wen 25th Anniversary Live Collection)

Dalian post rock staples Wang Wen celebrate 25 years of manifesting gorgeous sonic vignettes with their first inaugural live release (and their thirteen LP for those counting) – All Yesterday’s Parties. A compilation of live recordings from tracks across the bands past albums, the band states that it’s less a birthday tribute and instead serves as Wang Wen’s reflection on the past. A must-have for both fans of the band looking to revisit some of their favorite tracks but also a great introduction for new-comers looking to jump headfirst into their extensive catalogue. 


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