New Music: Tengguang Agency, Yunjing, OPPOSITE

Tengguang Agency 腾光事务所 – D.L.C

Tengguang Agency is the latest outfit to inject math rock theatrics and emo rock sensibilities into the bedrock of instrumental rock. The young Suzhou band, which features former members of spry emo rock outfit autumngo秋日疾走, hits that adolescent sweet spot – equal parts vulnerable and nimble – giving their EP entitled D.L.C – a clear-eyed intensity that will surely stir up some emotions. It may not reach the high-wire heights of its predecessors, but it’s a heck of a debut and one that has me eagerly awaiting what comes next. 

“腾光事务所”是最新一支在器乐摇滚上加入数摇桥段和情绪摇滚情感的组合。这支年轻的苏州乐队中有情绪摇滚乐队“秋日疾走”的前成员,在他们的 EP D.L. C 里击中青春期脆弱与灵动间的甜蜜点,这张发行清澈又强烈,定会激起一些情绪。它可能没能达到先前类似乐队的高度,但这只是他们的第一张发行,并我对接下来的作品充满了期待。

Yunjing 云镜 – 行驶在桥的中间

Indie grunge act Yunjing haven’t missed a step on their new EP, Driving in the Middle of the Bridge, which finds the Fujian outfit not so much softening the edges of their sound but expanding them outwards into something more fluid and more resonant – it’s sardonic lyricism overlapping with its vulnerabilities almost seamlessly. As always there’s an old school magnetism to their sound – one that’s not afraid to lean into the sleaze and sexiness of the grunge era, even injecting a rush of post punk drive to their sound before walls of noise overwhelm. 

独立垃圾摇滚团体“云镜” 在他们新 EP《行驶在桥的中间》保持着自己的节奏,展现出这支福建乐队并未软化他们声音的锋芒,而是将其向外扩展成更流畅、更具共鸣性的东西——其中的讽刺抒情几乎与它的脆弱性无缝重叠。一如既往,他们的声音有一种老派的吸引力:不惧陷入垃圾时代的肮脏与性感的声音,甚至在噪音墙淹没之前为他们的声音注入了后朋克的冲劲。

OPPOSITE 相反 – 正在独处的枕头

Young Wuhu band Opposite makes their mark on their impressive debut ‘Pillow for Being Alone’. Traversing across post punk, noise pop and shoegaze – there’s something achingly romantic and unapologetic about their sound – with an almost Faye Wong-esque pop sensibility that feels timeless. It’s not afraid to allow the distortion to spill out into the ether or let its emotions get the better of them – a sweet and sour juxtaposition and a perfect encapsulation of the turbulent world its performers live and breathe in. Tight no-nonsense propulsive dream pop euphoria and a hell of an introduction. 


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