New Music: Tartars, Lost Soul Paradise, The Upside Down

Tartars – Scenes in Colors

Shoegaze that’s busting at the seams with evocative potency and rich details, Ningbo’s Tartars make a grand entrance on their sensational debut Scenes in Colors. Using colors as a gateway to the synesthetic experiences that shape our lives early on, Tartars are very much in the schoolhouse of lo-fi dream pop that’s dense in its sonic textures – giving its muddier, more turbulent walls of sound a more visceral adolescent veneer – and allowing its melodic noise pop undercurrent sweep you away. It hooks you from start to finish.

宁波的Tartars乐队在他们引人注目的处女作《Scenes in Colors》中呈现了充满感染力和丰富细节的Shoegaze音乐。Tartars深受低保真梦泡音乐的影响,使用色彩作为通往我们早年生活中形成的共感体验的桥梁。其声音质地稠密,将混沌、动荡的音墙裹以生动的青春外衣,使旋律性的噪音流行底色为听众带来强烈的情感冲击,从头至尾都深深吸引着听众。

Lost Soul Paradise 迷心 – 都市金阁寺

Anchored by a pair of musicians working at the top of their game – producer/bassist/singer HAO and keyboardist/singer D娃 – Lost Soul Paradise’s debut Urban Kinkakuji Temple looks to capture that acute feeling of loneliness in a bustling city. The Beijing trip hop act out uses the road paved out by acts such as Massive Attack and throws in a wealth of influences – from dream pop, new wave, city pop, and progressive house – to craft an album that feels both retro and contemporary – never letting its pop sensibilities sour the final product.

迷心乐队的首张专辑《都市金阁寺》由一对顶尖音乐人HAO(制作人/贝斯手/歌手)和D娃(键盘手/歌手)主导,想要捕捉繁忙都市生活中的孤独。这张专辑的音乐风格深受Massive Attack等大师级Trip-Hop乐队的启发,并融合了梦幻流行、新浪潮、城市流行以及前卫浩室等多种元素,打造出一种既有复古韵味又不失当代感的音乐体验,而其流行音乐的听感也从未影响作品整体质感的高级。

The Upside Down 完美倒立 – Bubble Night 夜色碳酸

Chongqing’s The Upside Down continue their descent into disco-laced urban pop on their latest LP – Bubble Night – all but abandoning their more guitar-heavy dream pop roots. It’s a neon-smear synthpop affair, one that aims to capture the magnitude of emotions that a single night (or bubble) can contain, and while its soft touch doesn’t always work to their benefit, it certainly helps it go down smooth akin to a glass of crisp bubbly.


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