New Music: Stick Xiaoming Again and Again, Demonslaught 666, Broken Shaft

Stick Xiaoming Again And Again 反复攻击小明 – Stick Xiaoming Again And Again 反复攻击小明

One of the punk scene’s beacon of lights – Stick Xiaoming Again And Again 反复攻击小明 from Hangzhou return with latest self-titled LP – which they consider themselves their first ‘studio’ album. An amalgamation of the band’s various modes and temperaments – hardcore, punk, and folk – it feels in many ways like a scrapbook tracing the band’s past to the present. There’s an authenticity to the band’s barbed critiques – whether it’s a heartfelt eulogy for punk music or a commentary on mankind’s inability to evolve – that cuts deep. Extra point for bringing in American drummer Urian Hackney (of Iggy Pop, The Armed, and Rough Francis) and Jajatao frontman Liu Yucao to produce. True blue punk. 

朋克场景中的明灯——杭州的“反复攻击小明”携同名专辑回归——也是他们自认为的第一张“录音室”专辑。融合了乐队的各样风格与模式:硬核、朋克、民谣,感觉像是他们过去到现在的一本剪贴簿。不论是对朋克乐发自内心的赞颂还是对人类无法进化的批判,乐队的批评都有种真实性。另外值得一提的是,乐队请到了美国鼓手 Urian Hackney(Iggy Pop、The Armed和 Rough Francis 的鼓手)参与了鼓的部分的录制和假假條主唱刘与操担任制作。真正的蓝调朋克。

Demonslaught 666 – Endless Witchcraft

One of the metal scene’s thrashiest, gnarliest and most invigorating acts out there – Demonslaught 666 – based in Zhengzhou – lay it all down on their new LP Endless Witchcraft, released with Beijing label Awakening Records and Vicious Witch Records in the UK. Blackened speed metal that evokes everyone from Hellripper to Sodom, their sound comes charging at you like a freight train, with hooks that grip you, demonic vocals that shake you, and a production that’s crisp and lean (mixing and mastering courtesy of renowned German audio engineer Marco Brinkmann). Glorious. 

金属场景中最为激流、最为狂野也最令人瞩目的乐队之一,来自郑州的 Demonslaught 666 在北京厂牌觉醒唱片和英国厂牌 Vicious Witch Records 发行的全长专辑 Endless Witchcraft 中展露一切。黑化的速度金属让人联想到从 Hellripper 到 Sodom 的所有乐队,他们的声音像一列货运列车向你驶来,勾人心弦,恶魔般的人声动摇人心,并有着清脆而精干的制作(德国著名音响工程师 Marco Brinkmann 负责混音和母带)。令人赞不绝口。

Broken Shaft 断轴 – Still Alive

Picking up stakes and moving from Lanzhou to Guangzhou – hardcore outfit Broken Shaft has gone through quite the geographical shift – one that saw them become a part of GZHC, and eventually make speedway on their latest LP, aptly named Still Alive. Pure unfiltered hardcore punk, it’s a riotous rallying call against ‘bad behavior’ in all shapes and forms – from moral kidnapping to emotional blackmail – and anything that infringes on one‘s interests. Crisp production, potent in-your-face vocals, pummeling drums, and metal-laced guitar riffs – you know the drill. 

从兰州搬到广州并吸收了新成员,硬核乐队“断轴”经历了相当大的地理变迁,在这过程中他们成为了 GZHC 的一员,并最终在他们的最新发行中实现了高速发展,专辑被巧妙地命名为 Still Alive。未经修饰的纯粹硬核朋克,是对反对各种形式和形态的“不良行为”的暴乱号召,从道德绑架到情感勒索,再到任何侵犯个人利益的行为。清脆的制作、直指人心的人声、猛烈的鼓点、金属味十足的吉他旋律——你知道的,这些杀器。

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