New Music: Sparrow, Eating Music, Radiax

Sparrow 文雀 – Hasty 儿戏

Beijing post rock outfit Sparrow, a mainstay of the post rock scene for over a decade, return with their latest EP, Child’s Play, off of Modern Sky. Intricately assembled arrangements that resonate deeply, as far as post rock goes, these guys are the real deal. What stands out on their latest is its graceful yet untethered delicacy, one which allows the tracks to breathe fully and unwind at their own pace. At the same time, it’s clear the band is exploring and incorporating other elements and crevices of instrumental rock – from jangly math rock to more folksy guitar picking. And while it may lack the urgent magnetism of their counterparts, I appreciate the laid back quality of it – making it the perfect afternoon excursion.


Various Artists – 2021 Eating Music presents Living with Friends 

Shanghai’s Eating Music, one of the electronic scene’s most absorbing and rich labels, drop their latest annual compilation last week – Living With Friends – which allows it’s deep roster of chameleon artists to kick off their shoes, cosy up on the couch, and flesh out a track that feels open-hearted and inviting. Their third compilation since their formation, the collective, which fluidly and casually slip in and out of each other’s lives seems to be more comfortable than ever shedding their skin and creating a piece of music that speaks for them both individually and as a unit, capturing what founder Cookie Zhang feels is the core ideal of the label. Featuring tracks from Shoutit, Cocoonics, LimboLimbs, Voision Xi, ButtaSmooth, Sdewdent, RO BLOOD, LATENINE6, Spongepop, CHILLGOGOG, and Daili Cat – it’s ambient-filled, hip-hop schmoozing, experimentally elastic collection of tracks that intoxicate.

上海的宜听音乐,是电子界最有吸收力和最丰富的厂牌之一,上周推出了他们最新的年度合辑《Living With Friends》。在合辑中他们那些深藏不露的多变艺术家们卸下包袱,舒心创作,将一首首歌曲变得开阔而诱人。这张专辑是他们成立以来的第三张合辑,他们彼此的生活中交叉重合,似乎比以往任何时候都更容易放松心境,创造出属于他们个人和团队的音乐,捕捉到了创始人Cookie Zhang所认为的厂牌的核心理想。包含来自Shoutit、Cocoonics、LimboLimbs、Voision Xi、ButaSmooth、Sdewdent、RO BLOOD、LATENINE6、Spongepop、CHILLGOGOG和Daili Cat的曲目–这是一个充满氛围、舒缓的嘻哈、实验的曲目集合,让人陶醉。

Radiax – CCTV

For those looking for a club banger or five check out Radiax’s newest release CCTV. The veteran Beijing producer’s second EP with HK electronic label Unchained Recordings, it’s a no-frills drum and bass party that doesn’t let up for one second, tossing ravers onto the dance floor with aplomb, slicing together ‘the roller, stepper and halftime ethos into a single dance-floor release with satisfying pulses of techy dirt, funk and liquid’ with immaculate precision and endless passion. Unfiltered dance music for those who let their bass turn up all the way, the release also features guest vocals from Swift and Leo Wood.

那些正寻找 club banger 音乐的人,来听听 Radiax的最新发行《CCTV》。这是这位北京资深制作人与香港电子厂牌 Unchained Recordings 合作的第二张 EP,是一个不加修饰的 drum and bass 派对,将狂热者们轻松地扔进舞池,一秒钟都不会让你放松。将 ” 在一个舞台中融入the roller, stepper和 halftime 多种风格,并以无懈可击的精确性和无尽的激情,释放出令人满意的 脏techno、funk和liquid “。不加过滤的舞曲,适合那些把低音调到最高的人,这张专辑还邀请了Swift和Leo Wood客串演唱。

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