New Music: Space Station, Hei Mu, Brain Failure

Space Station – Pearl River Delta Blues 珠江三角洲布鲁斯

While at first listen it might be tempting to throw Space Station into the lot of post rock bands destined to fade into obscurity, only popping up every once in a blue moon for a post rock themed show, it becomes immediately clear a few minutes into the track ‘Long Way From Home’ that the Guangzhou band have a lot more on their mind. On their third LP ‘Pearl River Delta Blues’ – the band traces the complex emotions of the world’s largest megacity, which reverberate throughout the richly layered compositions, managing more often than not to break free from its post rock forefathers. Above all, there’s nuance to the emotional undercurrents that carry the music along. It sneaks up on you.

乍一听,可能会让人觉得Space Station就像那些注定要淡出人们视线的后摇乐队一样,只是偶尔出现在一个以后摇滚为主题的演出中。但在《漫长的路》这首歌的几分钟后,就会发现这支广州乐队有很多想法。在他们的第三张唱片《珠江三角洲布鲁斯》中,乐队追溯了世界上最大的大城市的复杂情绪,这些情感在层次丰富的作品中回荡,设法从后摇的前辈中摆脱出来。最重要的是,情感的潜流有细微的差别,它带着音乐前进,潜移默化地影响着你。

Brain Failure 脑浊 – 滚蛋吧,2020

There’s something comforting about having Brain Failure there in your corner – a band, despite everything, that still manages to hit those roaring anthemic highs with aplomb and bullish charm. While the band underwent substantial reshuffling five years prior, they wisely used the road and endless tours to win back their groove, and in some aspects evolve. It’s this balancing act that gives much of their newest LP ‘Get Out, 2020’ its edge – retaining its nostalgia for no-holds-barred punk melodies whilst shaking things up musically and finding rebellion within the details. From the disc-scratch meets guitar slide sound that kicks off the genre-meshing ‘活在裆下之:暴雨将至’ to the brazen surf rock ska hoedown that is ‘嬉皮’ the band recklessly hits each twist and turn with vigor. Hard to deny – Brain Failure still have got it.

在你的角落里有脑浊是件令人欣慰的事——一个乐队,无论如何仍设法以沉着而积极的魅力咆哮高歌。虽然乐队在五年前经历了大幅度的重组,但他们明智地利用无休止的公路巡演,重新赢回他们的节奏,并在某些方面有所发展。正是这种平衡使他们最新的专辑《滚蛋吧,2020》有了很大的优势,既保留了对无拘无束的朋克旋律的怀旧,又在音乐上有所变革,在细节处寻找反叛。从 《活在裆下之:暴雨将至 》这首混合风格的歌曲开始,到 《嬉皮 》这首厚颜无耻的冲浪摇滚,乐队不顾一切地在每一个转折点上注入活力。难以否认的是脑浊仍然保有自我。

Hei Mu 黑木 – The Fire From Within 内在的火焰

Pure uncut industrial sounds forged in the fires of Shanghai’s club scene – multi-disciplinary musician and producer Hei Mu pummels listeners with his high-wire and hard-hitting debut LP The Fire From Within, the latest release for rising Shanghai electronic label VOLT. Using everything from the Make Noise 0-coast to the Moog Sub 37 and Moog DFAM, Hei Mu packs real thrust into his cold-wave, post-punk inspired industrial sound, letting the melodies surge with volatile urgency and masochistic euphoria – a bombardment of the senses and one that’ll leave your head spinning. 

在上海俱乐部舞台的火焰中锻造出纯净的工业声音——多领域音乐人兼制作人黑木以他的首张全长专辑《内在的火焰》震撼听众,这是上海电子厂牌 VOLT 的最新发行。从Make Noise 0-coast到Moog Sub 37和Moog DFAM,Hei Mu在他的冷潮、后朋克工业音乐中注入了真正的力量,让旋律涌动着不稳定的紧迫感和受虐的兴奋感–这是一场让你头晕目眩感官的轰炸。

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