New Music: South Acid Mimi, LATENINE6, Gao Jiafeng

South Acid Mimi 南方酸性咪咪 – 圣代元音

Kunming act South Acid Mimi returns with their sophomore release ‘Sundae Vowels 圣代元音’ – a beast of an album that takes the trio’s ‘desktopunk’ to new realms and reminds us why we fell in love with them in the first place. Far from your typical electronica – their latest is a cauldron of humid synthesizers, pulsating rave beats, world music psychedelia and riot-grrrr attitude – a concoction that’s seductive and immersive – an antidote to an abnormal reality its members reside in. Like any long-winded night on the dance floor it sags a bit in the middle – but for those with the stamina to rally till dawn, this album is for you.

昆明乐队“南方酸性咪咪”带着她们的第二张专辑《圣代元音》回归——这张猛兽般的发行将三人组的 desktopunk 带到了一个新境界。远不同于你所想的电子乐,她们最新作品炖煮一锅湿热的合成器、悦动的锐舞节拍、迷幻世界音乐和鲜明的暴女态度——一种引人身临其境的混合物——一瓶对身处反常现实的乐手的解药。就像在舞池度过的那些长夜一样,在中段可能会有些疲软,但对于那些能够舞动到黎明的人,这张专辑就是为你准备的。


Shanghai-based rapper LATENINE6 takes us on a whirlwind tour of his psyche on the bubbly and light-hearted THE LATENIGHT SHOW, released with Delivery Music. Akin to channel surfing late at night, LATENINE’s latest has a lot of fun with the concept, giddily shifting gears and genre, a sonic shuffle that veers from woozy future pop to humid jazz-inflicted hip hop – coasting on the simple-minded yet relatable musings of its host. 

上海说唱歌手雷玖陆在递梨音乐发行的、轻松热情的 THE LATENIGHT SHOW 中,带着我们到他的精神世界中兜了一圈。就像在深夜快速调换电视频道一般,雷玖陆最新的专辑有着一打有趣的概念,令人眼花缭乱地切换设备和流派,从朦胧的未来流行到潮湿的爵士嘻哈,任自己在主持人易于理解但相互关联的沉思中滑行。

Gao Jiafeng 高嘉丰 – Early Technologies 早期科技 

Shanghai-based musician Gao Jiafeng, known for his shapeshifting ‘’deconstructed pop’ continues subverting musical tropes with his latest ’Early Technologies’ while establishing himself as a bonafide pop star. A deep dive into the kaleidoscopic world of hyperpop, indie rock, core, dream pop, hip hop, and electronica and where they all collide – Jiafeng explores our modern-day technological infatuations across fairy-tale-esque narratives all set to Jiafeng’s trademark sugar-coated bleeding-heart lyricism. Getting accustomed to Jiafeng’s merry-go-round of tones may be too much for some, but for those willing to go for the ride, it’s a fascinating glimpse into the future of pop. 

上海音乐人高嘉丰,以他的“解构流行乐”闻名,并在新专辑《早期科技》中继续颠覆音乐范式,同时将自己打造成一位真正的流行音乐明星。专辑深入探讨了 hyperpop、独立摇滚、核类、梦泡、嘻哈和电子乐的万花筒世界,以及它们之间的相互碰撞——高嘉丰探索了我们当代生活的科技迷恋,通过童话般的叙事和他标志性的糖衣柔心抒情。对一些人来说,要习惯嘉丰旋转木马般的声音可能太难了,但对于那些愿意一试的人来说,这是对流行音乐未来一次迷人的一瞥。

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