New Music: Sourtower, Deadtrees, Superstitious Scientist

Sourtower – How Many Times?

A stoic, dead-eyed blend of cold wave thrills, psychedelic unease, and lo-fi indie electronic minimalism – Beijing’s sourtower – the music project headed by illustrator and singer WangXu, and featuring producer Another Van, is the type of music that lures you in. Simplistic in its approach, lean in its execution, it’s a match made in cyberpunk heaven – as the haze and afterglow of WangXu’s glacial and bewitching vocals are carried forward by the crisp and propulsive beats conjured up by the duo, leaving one in a state of lucid feverish momentum.

由插画家和歌手王旭主导,加以制作人Another Van所诞生的音乐计划——酸塔,在冷静和麻木中融合了冷潮的刺激、迷幻的不安和低保真独立电子的简约,使得它十分迷人。简约精进的手法让歌曲看起来好像诞生在赛博朋克的天堂中,王旭冰冷迷人的嗓音投射的余晖和阴影下,是双人组制作出的清新并且向前推进的节拍,让人既清醒又为此狂热。

DEADTREES – Worldview 

Lanzhou atmospheric black metal/depressive metal outfit DeadTrees are back with their latest EP with Pest Productions. The northwestern China band strike the perfect balance between calm and turmoil; between peace and torment, that makes the genre so unsettlingly beautiful. There’s a tranquillity to the desolate and rustic environment DeadTrees have conjured up – full of pagan metal acoustics, post-rock crescendos, and blood-curdling vocals. Like a window into a past long forgotten, it resonates with the wistful touch of an epic fable being told (or based on the name, a reminder that grim times lie ahead). 


Superstitious Scientist – SEE

Fresh on the scene, there’s not too much information floating around about this Gansu-raised Chengdu-based duo but if their debut EP ‘SEE’ is any indication they’ve got some serious chops. A brazen piece of electro-pop that goes down nice and smooth and isn’t afraid to dip its toes into electronic music’s many crevices without ever getting lost in the weeds. Seamlessly diving into techno, house, trip-hop and ambient music all the while allowing each progression or layer to get its due, there’s a sincere satisfaction to what the duo cook up here and leaves one curious where they’ll head to next. 


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