New Music: Sonicave, Me and My Sandcastle, Loudspeaker

Sonicave – A Collection of Absurd Tales 荒诞故事集

Taking the ‘temperament of Nick Cave’s somber wisdom and the pioneering lo-fi aesthetics of Sonic Youth’ the aptly named all-female gothic post punk group, Sonicave, out of Chengdu, bring acidic cerebral punch to their sophomore LP A Collection of Absurd Tales, out on Ruby Eyes Records. Leaner, richer, and more fun than their debut in every which way – the band are more confident in the carnivalesque elements of their instrumentation and lyrics – a self-awareness of the absurdity of the world around them. Sonicave will waltz you to the edge of the cliff before plunging the knife in deep. 

来自成都的全女子哥特式后朋克乐队 Sonicave,以 ” Nick Cave阴郁智慧的气质和Sonic Youth先锋低保真 “为气质,为她们的第二张唱片《荒诞故事集》带来了酸性十足的脑力冲击,由赤瞳音乐发行。与他们的首张专辑相比,Sonicave变得更精简、更丰富、更有趣,乐队对他们的器乐和歌词中的狂欢元素更有信心,对他们周围世界的荒谬性有了自我意识。Sonicave会在把刀子插进你之前与你在悬崖边缘共跳华尔兹。

Me and My Sandcastle – Loveroom Defence 恋室防守!

The lo-fi indie pop project of the young and gifted Xiao Liu – Me and My Sandcastle finds light-hearted admiration for the city pop tunes that have enraptured listeners for decades, moseying atop of a colorful, methadone-induing wave of melodic charm and hazy nostalgia. Swaying baselines, soulful guitar chords, and woozy synths rubbing up against dreamlike keyboard – the LP is unassuming, loose and lite as a feather, idly coasting along at its own pace – a slow dance that both grandma and your hip cousin could swoon to. 

年轻而富有天赋的晓柱的低保真独立流行计划——Me and My Sandcastle 对数十年来让听众着迷的 City Pop,呈现出一份轻松愉悦的倾慕。歌曲在五颜六色的令人心静的旋律魅力下和朦胧怀旧的浪潮中缓缓前进。摇曳的 Basslines,深情的吉他和弦,以及模糊的合成器与梦幻般的键盘相互交织,这张唱片不耀眼,松散,轻如鸿毛,闲适地按照自己的节奏滑行,这是一支慢舞,老奶奶和你的时髦表妹都会为之沉醉。

Loudspeaker 扩音器 – Misfits

Seasoned pros of the Shanghai punk scene for nearly twenty years, Loudspeaker are essentially the black coffee of hardcore – straightforward, unruly, and roughhhh as fuck. With a singer whose guttural vocals pack such malevolence vitality, there’s a bluntness to the band’s musicality – a black-tinted, thrash-filled crust core sound that’s potent. Paced like a locomotive that’s gone off the rails, there’s not a wasted moment on the band’s latest LP, released with Dying Arts Production – just sixteen tracks of unfiltered stoic punk music that hits you like a sledgehammer. 

在上海朋克场景中,Loudspeaker已经有了近二十年的经验,他们基本就是硬核中的黑咖啡——直截了当、不守规矩,并且粗暴无比。乐队的主唱的嗓音充满了恶毒的活力,乐队的音乐十分直率,那是一种黑色的、充满刺激的硬核之声,力量十足。乐队的节奏就像脱轨的火车头一般,在与 Dying Arts Production 合作发行的最新唱片中没有浪费任何时刻:只有 16 首未经过滤、坚韧无比的朋克乐,像大锤一样敲击着你。

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