New Music: Sleeping Dogs, itsogoo, Beat Lament

Sleeping Dogs – Space Puppy

Beijing instrumental outfit Sleeping Dogs, made up of some of the indie underground scene’s most prolific characters (whose other credits include The Molds, Boiled Hippo, Deadly Cradle Death, Chui Wan) have conjured up this year’s grooviest record, Space Puppy – a gorgeously arranged four-track EP that resides on a wavelength that I can only describe as ‘meticulously loose’. Taking elements of African and Middle Eastern music and colouring its edges with a psychedelic simmer and a jazz-flavoured fluidity, it’s instrumental music that’s a delight to get lost in and feels full of rich details and layers that never overwhelm. Beguiling. 

北京的器乐团体Sleeping Dogs,由活跃在地下场景中的诸多乐手(来自The Molds、Boiled Hippo、Deadly Cradle Death、Chui Wan),发行了今年最具律动性的一张专辑《Space Puppy》。他们在其中安排了华丽的四轨音乐,它采用了非洲和中东音乐的元素,并以一种迷幻的慢火煨炖和爵士味的流动性为其边缘着色,这是一种让人陶醉其中器乐,感觉充满了丰富的细节和层次,永远不会让人难以忘怀。让人着迷。

ITSOGOO – 苦甜人生爵士路

One of Beijing’s most underrated hip hop group itsogoo return with their latest LP – 苦甜人生爵士路 – off of Modern Sky – an intoxicating soul-infused old school romp that brings to mind everyone from Madlib, Us3, to Digable Planets. It’s a dense album buzzing with rich flourishes and bars that ignite upon contact – bursting with personality and conviction. Jazz hip hop done right, as the troupe (which includes including Snarelop, Jia Ming, Alienkey, and Zhou ShiJue) breathes vitality into the streets of Beijing with their signature touch. 

北京最被低估的嘻哈组合itsogoo带着他们的最新专辑《苦甜人生爵士路》回归,这张由摩登天空发行的专辑令人陶醉,那是一种带着灵魂乐,Old School气质的闲适。让人想起从Madlib, Us3,到 Digable Planets的聆听记忆。这是张专辑充满了丰富细节和密集的小节。稠密到一触即燃,充满了个性和新念。这个组合(包括Snarelop、Jia Ming、Alienkey和Zhou ShiJue)以他们标志性的风格为北京的街道注入了活力。

Beat Lament — Dim Sum Beattape

Eating Music continues to scratch our itch for old school instrumental hip-hop with the expertly assembled debut beattape from Shanghai-based artist Beat Lament. It’s the perfect tapestry of lo-fi beats, smoky jazz-inflicted interludes, and grainy samples which the artists chalks up to as ‘innocent, sensitive and contradictory interpretations of his life and the music he likes’. Like most beattapes, there’s a ramshackle charm to its structure – but the talent behind it couldn’t be clearer.

上海艺术家Beat Lament在宜听音乐的新发行Dim Sum Beattape继续让我们对Old School的说唱beat保持着十足兴趣。它完美地交织着低度的节拍,夹杂着爵士乐烟雾般的幕间插曲,以及颗粒状的采样。艺术家们将其描述为“对他的生活和他喜欢的音乐的天真、敏感和矛盾的诠释”。就像大多数的beat tapes一样,它的结构有一种摇摇欲坠的魅力——但是它背后的天赋已是闪耀如光。

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