New Music: Silent Speech, Wu Tiao Ren, Sheep’s Bed

Silent Speech 沉默演讲 – Law of Instability/Orderly Chaos 不稳定的规律/有序混沌

Silent Speech swing for the fences on their new double-LP – Law of Instability/Orderly Chaos – a melodic, emotional wry, and instrumentally charged album that’s grandiose in every which way. While it’s easy (and lazy) to point out the influence of bands such as Wild Beasts and Radiohead, the band are essentially creating their own world here, one that lives and breathes by its own rules. Engaging, surprising, and full-bodied, every track, once again led by lead singer Wu Xiaoran’s siren-like voice, are beguiling – finding moments of otherworldly beauty before dovetailing into a cascading prog-rock laced jam. And while eighteen tracks may come off as overly ambitious, there’s a scope to the band’s sound that warrants it – one busting with boundless imagination and integrity. 

沉默演讲在他们新的双专辑《不稳定的规律/有序混沌》上大展拳脚,这是一张旋律优美、情感敏锐、配器丰富的专辑,在各个方面都显得宏大。虽然指出诸如 Wild Beasts 和 Radiohead 等乐队带来的影响很容易(也显得很懒),但乐队在专辑里基本是在创造他们自己的世界,一个按照自己的规则生存和呼吸的世界。引人入胜、令人惊讶、丰富饱满,每一首歌曲,再一次由主唱吴笑然的海妖般的声音引领,都那么令人心动。在进入层层叠叠的前卫摇滚的即兴之前,他们找到了一瞬异世界的美丽时刻。虽然 18 首歌曲可能显得过于雄心勃勃,但乐队的声音有一个范围是有必要的:一个完整的、充满了无限想象的范围。

Sheep’s Bed – Summer Arousal

Nanjing gets in on the shoegaze craze with trio Sheep’s Bed who inject tender warmth into the genre as they try to capture the last remnants of summer nostalgia. The band, which formed a year prior, adhere closer to the sound of Yuck and The Radio Dept. – finding jangly comfort amongst its wispy vocals, reverb cutting guitars, and retro-fitted drum machines. There’s a wistful energy to the way they allow the songs to unfold, keeping their melodic wits and never diving too deep into the discordance. It’s modest, delicately crafted (subtle as it may be the production value here is top-notch) – a daydream one hopes to never wake up from. 

南京的三人组 Sheep’s Bed 加入了盯鞋的热潮,他们为这个类型注了温暖柔情,试图借此捕捉夏天最后的怀旧情绪。这支乐队在一年前成立,声音上更接近 Yuck 和 The Radio Dept. 在飘渺的人声、混响的吉他和复古的鼓机中寻找到一种噪响十足的舒适区。他们歌曲展开的方式带着惆怅,旋律则保持一种风趣之感,从不在不和谐的环境中探索太深。它是温和的,经过精心制作的(尽管有些是微妙的,但在这里制作的价值是一流的),一个人们希望永远不会醒来的白日梦。

Wu Tiao Ren 五条人- Live Fish Upstream, Dead Fish Drift Downstream 活鱼逆流而上,死鱼随波逐流/Half True, Half False 一半真情流露,一半靠表演

Guangzhou beatniks Wu Tiao Ren, who skyrocketed to much-deserved stardom after their riotous appearance on The Big Band last summer, have returned with a mammoth double album release. Akin to complementary twin brothers – two sides of the same soul – the band once again jumps headfirst into the colorful, whimsical and yet grounded place where past meets present – finding cinematic poetry in the beaten streets and the lives that inhabit them. From evoking retro Hong Kong music to the addition of the sheng, this might be the band’s most vivid work in some time, showcasing both their dashing romantic side as well as their more boisterous improvisational side – both equally seductive. While the Live Fish Upstream, Dead Fish Drift Downstream feels very much like a blissfully buzzed night at your local KTV, Half True, Half False presents a more mischievous side of the band, the cock-eyed second wind that spills into the smoked filled streets and dangerous back alleyways. 

广州的“垮掉派”乐队五条人,在经历去年的《乐队的夏天》上的骚动后,一跃成为当之无愧的明星,他们带着一张庞大的双专辑回归。就像一对互补的双胞胎兄弟,同一个灵魂的两面,乐队再次一头扎进过去和现在交汇之处,专辑色彩斑斓,异想天开,却又脚踏实地。他们在喧嚣的街道和在那里的生活中找到电影般的诗意。从唤起复古的香港音乐到加入笙,这可能是乐队一段时间以来最生动的作品,既展示了他们潇洒浪漫的一面,也展示了他们更加喧闹的即兴创作的一面,两者都同样具有诱惑力。《活鱼逆流而上,死鱼随波逐流》的感觉很像在当地 KTV 的一个幸福的热闹夜晚。《一半真情流露,一半靠表演》呈现了乐队更调俏皮一面,那是狂妄的第二道风风,吹散在充满烟火气的街道和危险的小巷里。

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