New Music: Shushu, mindexxx, Slot Canyons

Shushu – Sweet Verses Dying Like Roses

Chinese producer and songwriter Shushu brings a subdued intimacy to her latest Sweet verses dying like roses out on Genome 6.66 mbp Records. Emo rap that veers into childhood innocence, the artist, along with producers Swimful and Vebe Suprada, rides that woozy line between lo-fi rap and rock, whilst suspended in a dreamlike atmosphere that shrouds shushu’s vulnerability in both a melancholic and foreboding sentimentality. It might just sneak up on you.

中国制作人和作曲家 Shushu 在 Genome 6.66 mbp Records 发行了最新作《Sweet verses dying like roses》,在专辑中她带来了一种柔和亲密的感觉。她与制作人 Swimful 和 Vebe Suprada 一起带来充满童真的情绪说唱,在低保真说唱和摇滚乐之间徘徊,同时悬浮在一种梦幻般的氛围中,Shushu的脆弱被笼罩在一种忧郁和不祥的情感中。它可能会悄悄地来到你身边。

mindexxx – A Bleary Elapse 回忆模糊推演

Wuhan-based electronic musician mindexxx transcends on his newest release A Bleary Elapse, out on Eating Music, finding that beautiful intersection between classical and electronica. Acoustic instruments weave such as piano and clarinet weave in and out of grainy samples, buoyant blips and engulfing modular synthesizers creating a skewed neoclassical world of music that resonates deeply. A graceful tapestry of sound that works on multiple levels.

来自武汉的电子音乐人 Mindexxx 在他最新发行的《A Bleary Elapse》中进完成了某种超越,在古典和电子音乐之间找到了美丽的交集。钢琴和单簧管等声学乐器在颗粒状的采样、浮动的脉冲和吞噬性的模块化合成器中交织,创造了一个不同寻常的新古典音乐世界,引起了深深的共鸣。这是一块优雅的层次丰富的声音织锦。

Slot Canyons – Distorted

Field Ring Records continues to indulge in the therapeutic, transporting world of ambient music with their latest, Undistorted, from Wuhan-based musician Slot Canyons. ‘A collection of songs that rely on the art of repetition with sounds that revisit nostalgic memories,’ there’s a heightened fever dream quality to the soundscapes at hand – a revolving soundtrack to a past that blurs and distorts into different shapes like the faint warble of our emotions, constantly flickering and changing beneath our skin.

Field Ring Records继续沉迷于氛围音乐的疗愈中,他们的最新发行《Undistorted》来自武汉的音乐人Slot Canyons。“一组基于重复艺术的歌曲和重温怀旧记忆的声音”,有种触手可及,愈加严重的发烧之梦:那是来自过去的不断旋转的原声带,模糊、扭曲成不同的形状,就像带着我们情绪的微弱颤音,在皮肤下不断闪烁和变化。

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