New Music: SHAO, Kaishandao, Aming Liang

SHAO – Midnight Mountain 夜宿山

Seminal electronic producer and sound designer SHAO has been making a name for himself since starting his career in 2002, ‘exploring the multitudes of abstract and minimalist sound while fusing psychedelic with void-like ambience’. While his previous release was with techno mainstay Tresor Records in Berlin, his latest Midnight Mountain 夜宿山, is with Modern Sky. A black and white Chinese oil painting rendered sonically into our brave new world, SHAO’s tapestry of sounds and rhythmic framework adheres closer to an art piece – calm, introspective, and encompassing – taking the producer’s minimal techno further into itself, finding new latitudes to explore. A top-notch album of texture, ambience, and atmospheric beauty.

自2002年进入这行以来,独具开创性的电子制作人和声音设计师 SHAO 一直广受赞誉。“探索大量的抽象和极简主义的声音,同时融合迷幻和虚无的氛围”,他作品曾在柏林的 Techno Mainstay Tresor Records 发行,而他的最新作品《夜宿山》则是由摩登天空发行。一幅黑白的山水画以声音的形式呈现在我们的新世界中,SHAO 的声音编制和节奏框架更接近于艺术作品:平静、内省和包容,将制极简 Techno 进一步带入自身,在一个新的纬度下进行探索。这是一张质感十足,充满氛围和大气之美的顶级专辑。

Kaishandao – Homeland

Homeland, the debut EP from Chengdu-based, Wellington-born, producer Kaishandao aka Kristen Ng, finds the multi-faceted artist taking listeners on a journey ‘through the places, spaces, and people we call home’. Techno and house music that unfolds in a haze of sun-baked fanciful wanderlust, it’s the type of album that’s inviting in its cozy grooves, tempo-rising BPMs, and eclectic and innovative sampling that pays tribute to the wide-ranging musical influences woven into the fabric of Kaishandao’s sound and upbringing. There’s a meditative power at play within each track, one that lingers long after the music fades. 

《Homeland》,来自成都,惠灵顿出生的制作人 Kaishandao (又名 Kristen Ng )的首张 EP,这位多面手带领听众游览了一段旅途:“穿越我们那些称之为‘家’的地方、空间和人们 ”。这张专辑的 Techno 和 House 音乐在阳光照耀下的幻想漫游中展开,它舒适的旋律、节奏上升的BPM和不拘一格的创新采样,向那些影响了 Kaishandao 的声音和成长的广泛的音乐致敬。每首曲子都有一种冥想的力量,这种力量在音乐消失后依然存在

Aming Liang 阿鸣 – MIDORI

IDM music that feels like the anti-thesis to the sometimes dark and harsh world outside our windows, Aming Liang’s wonderfully animated new release MIDORI feels like a Spongebob Square Pants soundtrack gone off the rails, or the soundtrack to some of the Final Fantasy franchise’s more eccentric detours (looking at The Gold Saucer). Not afraid to slap on the gloss, drop a few tabs, and let the sunshine in – there’s a childlike innocence to the way the music unfolds – a sense of discovery and unabridged joy that’s devoid of cynicism as synths bounce and hum along to their own mirthful tune. Simply a delight.


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