New Music: Shanghai Qiutian, 8 Immortals Restaurant, Low Bow, The Pump

Shanghai Qiutian 上海秋天 – Home:Revolution 家:革命

Touching upon the theme of ‘home’ and how it morphs over time and space, Shanghaiese math rock outfit Shanghai Qiutian return with their ambitious new release Home:Revolution. Spread out over two albums with an extensive list of collaborators – from guest vocals courtesy of singer-songwriter Shii to co-production from Taiwanese math rockers Elephant Gym – it’s a sprawling, earnest, and expertly crafted collection of songs whose emotions ring loud and true. There’s serenity at the core of the band’s sound – captured brilliantly by the acoustic ornamentation and the warm-hued vocalizations – which seem tailor-made for a campfire singalong. An ode to the homes we create along the way, Shanghai Qiutian kick off the new year in brazen compassion.

上海的数学摇滚乐队上海秋天带着他们雄心勃勃的新专辑《家:革命》回来了,专辑的主题是 “家”,以及它如何随着时间和空间的变化而变化。这部由两张专辑构成的作品合作者众多–从唱作人Shii的客串唱作,到台湾数学摇滚乐队大象体操的联合制作,这是一张庞大、认真、专业作品集,他们的情感热情而真实。上海秋天乐队为我们一路走来创造的家园献上了一曲颂歌,他们以厚重的同理心开启了新的一年。

8 Immortals Restaurant 八仙饭店 – Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome极乐大厦揭幕

Indie rock that giddily wallows in the waters of grunge, stoner, garage and psychedelic rock, 8 Immortals Restaurant are a new female-fronted Beijing band that looks to make their mark with their dynamic and wicked debut Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome. Inspired by the ground-breaking and hallucinogenic 1954 short film by Kenneth Anger, ‘an otherworldly playground of dreams deluged with sensuality,’ the band brings moody sultry turbulence to their gritty rock and roll sound. A paronomasia-filled jaunt down the rabbit hole, carnal pleasures await those willing to take the leap with 8 Immortals Restaurant. 

在垃圾摇滚、石人、车库和迷幻摇滚中闪转腾挪的八仙饭店,是一支女主唱的北京新锐乐队,他们带着首张专辑《极乐大厦揭幕》以动感而邪恶的姿态亮相乐坛。乐队灵感来自乐队的灵感来自Kenneth Anger在1954年拍摄的一部具有开创性和致幻性的短片,”一个充斥着感性的梦境游乐场”,乐队为他们的粗犷摇滚乐带来了情绪化的闷热动荡。八仙饭店像是是一个充满了幻想的兔子洞,肉体的快乐在等待着那些愿意跃跃欲试的人。

The Pump – Happy Birthday (The First Act) 喜诞(第一幕)

Rough and sincere, and basking in a red glow of a cabaret show, The Pump out of Hangzhou strike an off-putting yet seductive disposition on their newest EP, Happy Birthday (Act 1), out on StreetVoice. Sinister synth lines, off-kilter chord progressions, and strained manipulated vocals that convey both grave conviction and bittersweet yearning, it’s art rock through and through, with an undercurrent of Mandopop twisted in on itself. Color me intrigued. 

来自杭州的The Pump在他们最新的EP《Happy Birthday (Act 1)》中,沐浴着歌舞表演的红色光芒,表现出了粗犷而真诚的一面。阴暗的合成器线条、偏离轨道的和弦渐进、引人紧张的人声,传达了严肃的信念和对苦乐的渴望,这是一张贯穿始终的艺术摇滚乐,同时又有一种Mandopop的暗流在里面。让我十分感兴趣。

Low Bow – Everything, All The Time

Cross-continental duo Low Bow – made up of scene veterans Risteard O. Deorian and Wang Xinjiu (of Birdstriking) – return with their latest batch of lo-fi, fuzzed-out garage rock on Everything, All The Time. Recorded over the course of 2020 in Chengdu amidst travel restrictions and lost recording sessions, the release captures the weight of isolation and ‘the mental gymnastics that people have been going through since the world turned into a bag of cats going over a waterfall, through a ring of flame’. If anything, the pandemic has evened the playing field, and the band’s deluge of jittery nerves and fractured mania, rendered via washed out vocals and tambourine-infused delirium – feels downright compassionate. 

由老牌音乐人Risteard O. Deorian和Wang Xinjiu(来自Birdstriking)组成的跨洲双人组Low Bow,带着他们最新的低保真、模糊的车库摇滚乐《Everything, All The Time》回归。这张专辑是在2020年在成都录制,在出行的限制和丢失录音的情况下,这张专辑捕捉到了隔离的分量,以及 “the mental gymnastics that people have been going through since the world turned into a bag of cats going over a waterfall, through a ring of flame”。如果说有什么不同的话,那就是这场大瘟疫已经使竞争环境变得更加公平,而乐队通过冲淡的人声和手鼓灌注的谵妄,来渲染乐队所感受到的神经紧张,精神狂躁–感觉简直令人同情。

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