New Music: Sexyhand, LST, Supertt

Sexyhand 赛西翰 – if世界

Urban pop by way of jittery punk rock – Sexyhand, who hail from Liuzhou in Guangdong, bring spunk and irresistible rhythms to the front of the classroom on their charged sophomore LP. An ode to both the rollicking 90s and the shaky ground we stand on today, the band touches on everything from Beyond to being a lightweight drinker – encapsulating a wide spectrum of emotions – all filtered through a retro yet dirty sound that’s above all full-bodied. Not once does it feel forced – it’s bubbly guitar-riff crazy nature turning the album unstoppable locomotive that you’ll gladly board again. 

来自广西柳州的 Sexyhand 乐队用躁动的朋克摇滚演奏城市流行乐,在他们的冲劲十足的第二张专辑中,将活力和令人难以抗拒的节奏带到了教室前面。作为对九十年代和我们今天所处的动荡环境的颂歌,乐队触及了从 Beyond 到轻度饮酒的一切,囊括了广泛的情感,所有这些都通过一种复古而肮脏的声音过滤出来,醇厚无比。从未感觉到被压迫—— 泡沫状的吉他 riff 的疯狂使这张专辑成为不可阻挡的火车头,你会很乐意再次登上这趟列车。

LST – Weatherman 气象员

Li Nan, known to most as the co-founder and drummer for indie rock band Da Bang, breaks free with his sizzling solo electronic project LST – a simmering atmospheric journey that’s akin to the ever-shifting weather patterns of our world today. Indulging in a variety of tastes – from IDM and ambient music to trance and left-field techno – the producer excels at immersing listeners into his multi-layered world – one built masterfully with both restraint and rich details – allowing both its highs and lows to fully connect. Think of it as anaesthesia for these crazy times. 

李楠,作为独立摇滚乐队 Da Bang 的联合创始人和鼓手被大多数人所熟知,他带着他炙热的个人电子项目 LST 挣脱了束缚——这是一次酝酿已久的大气之旅,好像当今世界不断变化的天气一样。专辑中涉猎了各种口味:从 IDM 和氛围音乐到恍惚和左翼 techno 音乐。这位制作人擅长让听众沉浸在他那多层次的世界中。这个世界以克制和丰富的细节巧妙地建立起来,并将高潮和低谷完全联系起来。我会把它看作是这个疯狂时代的麻醉剂。

Supertt 超人田田 – 克鲁马努星球日记

Following a steadfast protagonist through heavily plotted intergalactic journeys -Supertt’s music follows suit – turning their debut album into a synth-filled, beat-driven rock and roll opera. It’s kooky, it’s a bit ridiculous – but musically it’s a ball – a high-concept, consistently surprising electro rock album that’s sincere in its theatricality. The Chengdu band seems to revel in its quirky qualities, despite, like all musical productions built out of the cocaine disco era – overextending itself. Yet, even as things get muddled, there’s denying the originality of Supertt. 


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