New Music: Running Blue, Sprint Novelle, Yan Jun

Running Blue – Waves

Shanghai based duo, Running Blue, consisting of vocalist Liang Huang Gui and producer Yin Hao, find peace of mind in their delicate, daydreamt melody of trip hop, dream pop, and downtempo indietronica on their sophomore release, Waves. Leaning harder into the electronic elements of their previous work, it’s a patient and transporting listen, one that floats along a steady current of washed-out vocals, emotive guitar chords and hypnotic beats and synths. While their influences still linger faintly in the distance, there’s a tranquil conviction to the atmospheric allure of Running Blue, showing a restraint that remains one of acts like Massive Attack and Mum – the type of rainy day listen that one can drift away to.

上海的二人组Running Blue,由主唱两乎和制作人殷浩组成,在他们的第二张专辑《Waves》中,他们在精致的白日梦旋律中寻求心灵的平静,他们的作品包含了trip hop、dream pop和dowempo indietronica 的元素。这张专辑更偏向他们之前作品中的电子部分,这是一张需要耐心而又令人感动的作品,伴随着被冲淡的人声、情绪化的吉他和弦、催眠的节拍和合成器稳定的流动。虽然他们的影响仍然还有些不足,但《Running Blue》那大气的魅力却有一种充满宁静的说服力,表现出克制之感,这与Massive Attack和Mum等乐队的风格如出一辙,是一种可以让人飘飘欲仙的雨天听音体验。

Sprint Novelle 短跑小说 – French Ocean 法海

New comers Sprint Novelle, based out of Shanghai and Guangzhou, may have only one track under their belt, but if their frontman Huhu’s solo release is anything to go by, color me intrigued. Under the name French Ocean, the artist feels like he’s on the cusp of something delightful and surreal with every musical choice. From the vintage synthesizers sounds that give the tracks a lofi bedroom pop feel to the jazzy hip-hop grooves that float around the edges of the release – the music feels bred out of the past decade’s worth of lofi pop makers – from Youth Lagoon to Bane’s World – albeit one that could easily go off the deep end if not kept on a leash.There’s barely a fully formed song within its seven tracks, but there’s no denying the potential and boundless imagination of French Ocean.

来自上海和广州的新人短跑小说可能只有一首单曲,但如果他们的主唱 Huhu 的 solo版本可以作为参考的话,我会有所兴趣。以《法国海洋 》为名,这位音乐人的每一次音乐选择都让人感觉到他正处于某种愉悦和超现实的边缘。从复古的合成器给歌曲带来的 lofi 卧室流行乐的感觉,到游荡在专辑边缘的 jazz hip-hop律动——这些音乐感觉是从过去十年的lofi流行乐制作者中孕育出来的——从Youth Lagoon到Bane’s World。尽管如果不加以约束,很容易走火入魔。七首歌曲中几乎没有一首完整的曲子,但不可否认《法国海洋》的潜力和无限的想象力。

Yan Jun, Noel Meek – Mirror One

Zooming’ Night, the Beijing-based experimental label that has connected sound explorers not only in China but around the world release their latest bit of sound art with Mirror One – a collaboration between Yan Jun in Beijing and Noel Meek in Auckland. Compiled (and blind mastered) during the pandemic on separate countries with only basic guidelines as to what each artist could contribute – in this case, Yan Jun on feedback and electronics and Noel Meek on acoustic objects like stone, metal, and wood – what’s probably most remarkable is how well the two complement and blend into one another, allowing an abstract conversation to unfold complete with droning bowls, humming feedback. Strangely meditative.

燥眠夜,这个来自北京的实验厂牌,不仅将中国的声音探索者连接起来,也将世界各地的声音探索者连接起来,推出了他们最新的声音艺术作品《Mirror One》——由北京的颜峻和奥克兰的Noel Meek合作完成。在疫情期间,他们分别在不同的国家进行了编曲(和盲做的母带),只需要基本的指导方法,每个艺术家都可以做出贡献–在这种情况下,颜峻负责反馈和电子方面,而Noel Meek则负责石头、金属和木头等声学对象–最引人注目的可能是这两个人如何相互补充和融合,让一个抽象的对话得以展开,完成了嗡鸣的碗声和的反馈。一场奇怪的冥想。

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