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Beijing psychedelic outfit Run Run Run return with their latest intrepid adventure in sound, crafting a humid, beguiling tapestry of grooves, Beatnick-stylized poetry, and synth-infused psychosis. While the band’s free-wheeling living and breathing soundscapes remain as potent as ever, it takes on a whole new dimension with the addition of Xiao Wen (of Birdstriking) on analog synthesizer and Zhao Kai (of Bedstars) on vocals – twisting it’s mellowed-out arrangements into something a little more sinister – akin to voyaging up the river in the Heart of Darkness. And while it never dissolves into complete madness, Run Run Run’s latest cuts swifter than ever – more assured and refined in its sonic explorations.

北京迷幻乐队Run Run Run带着他们充满无畏冒险的新声归来,这张精心制作的专辑包含了潮湿而迷人的律动,垮掉的一代风格的诗歌和由 合成器所注入的迷幻之音。虽然乐队自由而鲜活的声景未曾改变,但随着模拟合成器手肖文(Birdstriking)和主唱赵凯(Bedstars)的加入,它有了一个全新的维度—以往顺滑的部被扭曲成更邪恶的东西–就像在黑暗之心的河流上航行。虽然它从未陷入完全的疯狂,但Run Run Run的最新作品比以往任何时候都更快速,在声音探索上更有信心和更精致。

Polyphozia – Suitcase of Voices

While it’s clear Polyphozia, the grunge rock outfit out of Wenzhou, are performing under an array of influences from early 90s shoegaze to jangly instrumental rock, garage rock baying and of course impassioned grunge angst, the way they weave them together makes for a wholly unique listening experience. There’s a lot of craft put into the band’s debut LP, A Suitcase of Voices, a sprawling and loose yet power chord heavy rock and roll album that extracts empathy and fist-pumping catharsis through both slow burning turmoil and pummeling progressions, as the album tracks the ‘aftermath of a relationship-ending argument’. It leaves a mark.

很明显来自温州的垃圾摇滚乐队Polyphozia的音乐受到了一系列的影响,从九十年代早期的盯鞋,到器乐摇滚的噪响,车库摇滚的愤怒,垃圾摇滚的热情。他们将这些编织在一起使之成为一种独一无二的聆听体验。乐队的首张专辑《A Suitcase of Voices》包含了多种技法,这是一个杂乱无章却充满了力量感的摇滚专辑,通过缓慢燃烧的混乱和猛烈的冲击来提取之中的共鸣和挥拳宣泄,这张专辑的是“一段关系结束后的争论”。简而言之,它是为了留下一个印记。

Oh! Dirty Fingers: The Scene In Hangzhou/噢!脏手指:杭州的现场

Not many bands strike a chord with their audiences the way Shanghai’s Dirty Fingers do. That feverish state of primal devotion comes through loud and clear on the punk band’s live album ‘The Scene in Hangzhou’, recorded earlier this summer, as the band charges through their rich catalogue of songs, owning the stage and giving their audiences what hell of a show. You can almost hear the sweat hit the floor; the bodies swaying back and forth before deteriorating into a moshpit of gleeful delirium. Unadulterated rock and roll that’s seductive in its pull. The release, which also features yet-to-be-released tracks, is also available in DVD form.

没有多少乐队能像上海的Dirty Fingers那样让他们的听众产生共鸣。在今年夏天早些时候录制的这支朋克乐队的现场专辑《杭州的现场》中,这种原始的狂热状态清晰地体现了出来,他们在丰富的曲目中冲锋陷阵,掌控着舞台,给观众带来了一场地狱般的表演。你几乎能听到汗水打在地板上的声音,身体前后摇摆,然后就变成了一场迷乱的狂欢。他们不加掩饰的摇滚乐充满了诱惑力。这张唱片还收录了尚未发行的曲目,也有DVD版本。

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