New Music: Run Run Run, Jade Breaking Plan for Liberty, Heitian Yizhen

Run Run Run – Five Thunder Heart Palm 五雷轰心掌

Five Thunder Heart PalmBeijing psychedelic rockers Run Run Run find credence in the humid retro sounds of southwest China on their third LP – Five Thunder Heart Palm – released with Spacefruity Records. While not as full of the krautrock-laced twists and turns of their previous records – the band, which has gone through quite the shake-up – taps in something more elemental here – cooking up a zesty dish of electric guitar-drenched melodies, hazy grooves, soulful rhythms, and authentic vintage vibes that adheres closer to the psychedelic funk that’s finding a resurgence across Southeast Asia. And while traces of their love for The Velvet Underground still worms their way to the surface from time to time, this Run Run Run is a very different beast. 

北京迷幻摇滚乐队  Run Run Run 在太空果味发行的第三张全长《五雷轰心掌》中寻觅到了中国西南真实的潮湿复古之音。虽然不像之前的专辑那样充满德式摇滚的蜿蜒,乐队也经历了相当大的调整,但在这张唱片中却融入了更多元素,烹制出了一道充满电吉他旋律、朦胧节奏、深情律动和纯正复古气息的美味佳肴,更贴近东南亚正在复苏的迷幻放克音乐。虽然他们对“地下丝绒”乐队的热爱仍不时流露,但如今的  Run Run Run  已是截然不同的野兽。–3

Jade Breaking Plan For Liberty 唯利玉碎计划- The Sun-Quenching Chronicle 淬日纪事

Chengdu’s Jade Breaking Plan for Liberty go for broke on their sophomore LP – The Sun-Quenching Chronicle – a sprawling carnivalesque swirl of grunge, metal, core, jazz, prog and blues rock that dedicates itself to the ‘shadows, sacrifices, and dust in the era of madness’. Crafted together with manic literary glee and anarchic irrelevant – it’s guitar rock that happily goes off the deep end – injecting a restless spirit of experimentation and fusion that threatens to collapse in on itself every track. And while there are times when there are simply too many spinning plates, it’s all tied together with a palpable anger that pairs well with its hefty and whiplash induing instrumentation. 


HTYZ黑甜一枕 – Stand Still 按兵不动

Emerging Hangzhou post punk trio Heitian Yizhen, formed ‘amid a wave of technological anxiety and technical embarrassment’ joins the ranks of other post punk acts across China – leaning into the fatalistic undertones of the genre with relish on their debut EP ‘Stand Still’. Slick, melodic cold wave-inflicted tunes whose methodical precision, particularly in singer Zhao Yiyang’s smoldering voice, only adds to the band’s aura, it’s a promising entry-point into the young band, though one hopes they’ll take more chances in the future. 

杭州新兴三人组“黑甜一枕”,这支“在技术焦虑与技能局促不安的浪潮中”组建的团体加入国内其他后朋乐队的行列——对这一流派宿命论色彩的喜爱流淌在首张 EP《按兵不动》中。旋律流畅,充满精确的冷潮曲调,主唱赵一样酝酿爆发的人声更增添了乐队气场。这是进入这支年轻乐队的一个有力的切入点,但希望他们今后能把握更多机会。

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