New Music: ROMO, Guzz, Nerve Passenger, MFmachine

ROMO 如梦 – 影子的最后变化

Up and coming post punk outfit ROMO, out of Wuhan, bring anxious melodic discourse to the front on their debut 影子的最后变化, released on Maybe Mars. With an emphasis on the bendy knot-inducing guitar noise and propulsive bass (which really pops here) that the genre is known for, ROMO may not be forging new ground but they understand how to tap into the primal, ‘nails to wall’ elemental qualities of their sound. And while there are more than a few roaring singles on here, evoking fellow contemporaries like Fazi and Lonely Leary, the band excels when it allows its rigid yet evocative rhythms to move at their own pace, giving way its frontman’s rustic, penetrating yet calm vocals. A heck of an introduction.

来自武汉的新晋后朋乐队如梦,在他们的首张专辑《影子的最后变化》(由兵马司发行)中把令人焦虑的旋律呈现在你面前。如梦强调了这个类型(后朋)所特有的扭曲缠绕的吉他噪音和具有推动性的低音部分(在专辑里十分突出),他们可能没有开拓新的领域,但他们知道如何挖掘他们声音中原始的、”钉入墙中”的品质。虽然这里有很带有嘶吼的单曲,让人联想到 Fazi 和 Lonely Leary 等同时代的乐队,但当乐队允许其僵硬但令人回味的节奏按照自己的步频移动,为主唱质朴、有力而平静的歌声让出空间,他们的表现非常出色。这是一张很好的让你认知他们的专辑。

MFmachine 没发霉 – A Bigger Splash 落水火箭

A gleeful, bubbly mix of math rock theatrics, funk-inflicted indie pop and dream pop wanderlust, MF Machine bring a lot to the table on their busy, exuberant debut EP. calling to mine an array of Japanese acts such as Ringo Sheena and T-Square, there’s a fizzy bubblegum flavor that permeates across each track – giving its jazz and electronica elements a fantastical feel that never comes across as trite or false. It never takes itself too seriously and seems to be having a ball twisting itself into strange new positions, all the while keeping its dreamy core center soothing to the ears.

MF Machine 是戏剧性的数摇、趣味性的独立流行和梦泡的混合体,他们在繁忙而充满活力的首张 EP 中带来了很多东西。他们称自己在挖掘 Ringo Sheena 和 T-Square 等日本乐队的作品,有一种气泡糖的味道渗透到每一首歌曲中——赋予其爵士乐和电子乐元素的幻想之感,但从未显得老套或虚假。它从不太过严肃地看待自己,似乎有一个球体把它扭曲到新奇的位置上,并保持梦幻般的核心,令人听来十分舒服。

Guzz – Seven Days and Twelve Nights 七天十二夜

Electronic producer Guzz heads back into his mist-covered flowing pastiche of traditional Asian sounds spliced with contemporary electronica on ‘Seven Days and Twelve Nights’. Leaning more into his soundtracking sensibilities this time round – while the producer’s latest may lack the high-hued tropical decor of his 2019 release, it makes up for in warmth and narrative pull. The innovative use of acoustic instruments only adds to the organic aura of the whole thing, casting a spell that’s equal parts enchanting and humanizing, akin to sitting on a lakeside at dawn amongst low-bearing clouds.

电子制作人 Guzz 在《七天十二夜》中回到了他那被迷雾覆盖的、流动的亚洲传统声音与现代电子乐的拼贴中。这一次,他更倾向赋予其配乐之感——虽然这位制作人的最新作品可能缺乏他 2019 年发行的带有强烈热情色彩的装饰,但它在温暖和叙事性方面有所弥补。对原声乐器的创新使用只增加有机光环,投下了一个咒语,既迷人又人性十足,就像在黎明时分坐在低矮的云层中的湖边一样。

Nerve Passenger 神经旅人 – 在我变成你之前

Shanghai’s Nerve Passenger take their grandiose evocative indie rock to new heights on their new LP Before I Become You. Taking the emotional raw thrust of core music and stripping it back to its primary colors, Nerve Passenger can circumvent many of the pratfalls those bands fall into – namely over-the-top musicality and unearned emotional catharsis. Laced in with everything from shoegaze and emo rock to post rock and arena rock, the band, fronted by twin brothers, effortlessly blends reverb-heavy instrumental rock with pieced bleeding heart vocals, caravanning over piercing guitars soothing and soaring drums. It packs a punch.


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