New Music: Riot in School, CeZhi, Cheese Rolling

Riot in School 返校日 – Those time we wasted on each other 那些我们互相被浪费的时间

Stemming from the tattered remains of their second (yet-to-be-released) full-length album – the latest from Riot in School is essentially a preemptive B-side album. Entitled ‘Those time we wasted on each other’, the four-track release finds the Chengdu alt rock band – known for their grungy gaze-filled noise rock – in fine form, burning brightly as they skip along the edge of their predecessors, savoring the fuzz and buzz of their sound, and tapping into something more elemental as they process the world around them. It’s a riot, one that has us eagerly awaiting their follow-up. 

来自他们尚未发行的第二张全长专辑的残卷,“返校日”的新发行本质上是一张先行 B 面。名为 Those time we wasted on each other 的四曲发行,展现了这支状态极佳的成都另类摇滚乐队,他们以充满垃圾摇滚、盯鞋元素的噪音摇滚而闻名。在前作的边沿试探,玩弄他们声音中的法兹与嗡嗡声,在处理周围世界的过程中挖掘出更多元素。这是一场暴乱,让我们热切期待他们的后续行动。

CeZhi 册纸 – I Walked Down a Weird Street 我走过一条奇怪的街

Shedding much of the gonzo elements of their past work, as well as the ’toilet厕’ from their name, CeZhi, out of Guangzhou, approach their latest ‘I Walked Down a Weird Street’ with gritty yet vivacious evocation – giving anthropomorphic life to the streets that form the bedrock of their city. Told in an almost novelistic poise, there’s steady propulsion to how the band immerses you into its world, its melodic drive closer to the storytelling bent of acts like Lou Reed and like-minded art punks. They may have lost the bombast, but the new CeZhi finds ways to make their genre-twisting sound ring deeper than ever. 

褪去他们过去作品中的嬉皮要素,以及名字里的“厕”字,来自广州的“册纸”乐队在他们的最新发行《我走过一条奇怪的街》中,以坚韧而生动的回忆赋予构成他们城市基石的街道拟人化的生命。乐队以一种近乎小说的视角讲述故事,旋律驱动仿佛 Lou Reed 和类似趣味的艺术朋克乐队的叙述方式。可能失去了以往的夸张华丽,但新的“册纸”找到了方法,让他们扭曲不同流派的声音比以往任何时候都更加低沉。。

Cheese Rolling 滚奶酪 – 下沉世界的最后狂欢

Guitar rock infused with a Britpop charisma, blues rock scrappiness, and a new wave sincerity, Cheese Rolling doesn’t beat around the bush on their debut EP, making the kind of old school rock n’ roll that feels like a time capsule to a different era. With guitar solos aplenty and cheeky references to the Beatles and a song that feels like a spiritual ode to Oasis, it threatens to veer into, dare I say, cheesy territory, but there’s an earnestness to the band’s embrace of their tropes that’s easy to get swept up in. 

“滚奶酪”在首张 EP 中并不拐弯抹角,他们向吉他摇滚中注入了英伦流行的魅力、蓝调摇滚的狂乱与新浪潮的真诚,创作的老派摇滚乐仿佛一个时间胶囊,将人们带入了不同的年代。大量的吉他独奏,对“披头士”毫不在意的引用,感觉像是“绿洲”精神颂歌的乐曲,我敢说这些都可能会误入俗套,但乐队对自己风格的认真态度却很容易让人进入醉其中。

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