New Music: Ran Rad, S!LK, Rock in Beijing

Various Artists – The Kickoff (Ran Rad)

Initiated in Leipzig, Germany, Ran Rad, the second sub-label of Ran music (after Ran Groove) kicked off last week with the aptly titled The Kickoff. Seeking out enticing sounds covering a diversity of genres, particularly those that embrace hardware gears and a heck ton of bass, this compilation is stacked with greatness. Featuring beats of producers from all over the world – on the international side there’s Polish electronic music live-act An On Bast (fresh off her EP release on Ran Music), Dutch producer Subp Yao and his partner Dayle, German hardware geek DRANQ, Swiss duo Simpig, as well as Germany-based Footwork producer Terrorrythmus. On the China side, Negative 808 from the south coast of China, Beijing-based young Drum and Bass talent Radiax, and veteran producer Soulspeak (performing under the alias Kai Lune). It’s a kinetic dishing of top-notch footwork and bass music that’ll have you moving in no time. 




Various Artists – Breaking Fresh (S!LK Compilation Vol. 1) 

S!LK – the lovechild of Beijing DJ and promoter Puzzy Stack, has been causing a stir on danceflooors in Beijing and beyond for over three years, and now they’re bringing their sound and aura to fruition on their kickoff compilation release Breaking Fresh. Featuring an array of producers both homegrown and based outside of China – from local producers like Negative808, Nomercy, 3ASIC, Sam Miers; to Don Sinini, Object Blue, and Organ Tapes based out of London; Cisco De Sol from South Africa, to sacrifices and Sofia Athanasopoulos based out of Berlin – as well as dynamic flows and heavy punchlines courtesy of South East London Grime MC P Money, Beijing’s own Blood Boil and more – it’s a dizzying diverse set of tracks that tackles everything from trap to ambient music. A perverse, wickedly fun soundtrack to a club night that knows no bounds.  



Various Artists – Rock in Beijing 京城制燥

Rock in Beijing takes the genre of rock in the broadest sense – offering listens an elcetic mix of acts that fall all over the spectrum – from folk to electronically-enhanced hard rock. It certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and dips a bit too much into mainstream gimmickry – but it’s a fine reminder of the diverse talent that Beijing has to offer and contains some nice surprises for those who are willing to dig in. Highlights include tracks from Screaming Kong and Jiu Zheyang, with Artillery, Ma Ke Tu Zhou, Ember Swift, Suiji Chen, and Silent Power filling out the rest of the album. Rock on Beijing. 


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