New Music: Pepper Heart/Pinboard/Fake0rgasm

Pepper Heart 心椒椒 – 椒之味 

Wuhan is swimming with new talent as of late, with Pepper Heart the latest act to pay close attention to. The four-piece all-female outfit walks that woozy line between wistful dream pop and brooding art rock – where reverb-soaked synth-filled 80s alt-rock meets the more contemporary lo-fi indie rock acts from the past two decades. But above all, it’s alive – brimming with a sense of melodic drive and a poetic charge that feels authentic and earned. Fresh as they come.

武汉近来新秀辈出,心椒椒乐队是最近值得关注的新秀之一。这支由四名女性组成的乐队在怀旧的梦幻流行乐和沉郁的艺术摇滚之间徘徊,这种带着大混响的合成器充斥着 80 年代的怀旧感,与过去二十年来更为现代的低保真独立摇滚乐队交相辉映。最重要的是,他们的作品充满活力,洋溢着旋律和诗意的激情,让人感觉触手可及、实至名归。–3

Pinboard排插 – NOBODIES LAND

Guangzhou punk outfit Pinboard – whose Rancid/Brain Failure meets Green Day/My Chemical Romance take on the genre is propelled by kinetic, sweaty, and assailing melodies, come out swinging on their hefty and headstrong sophomore release NOBODIES LAND. A statement on the purgatory that recent generations seem to be bound to – Pinbaord’s anthems are built on empathy, discontent, and just enough hope to get one through to the next day. A rallying call to disaffected youth around the world, it’s a grand operatic statement from one of the punk scene’s unsung heroes.

广州朋克乐队Pinboard就像是Rancid、脑浊、Green Day和My Chemical Romance的混合体,以充满活力、汗水和攻击性的旋律为推动力,在他们的第二张专辑《NOBODIES LAND》中大放异彩。这是对近代人似乎被束缚在炼狱中的宣战–Pinbaord 的歌曲建立在共鸣、不满和恰到好处的希望之上,让人能够带着前行的希望度过明天。这是向全世界心怀不满的年轻人发出的号召,是朋克场景中一位无名英雄的伟大歌剧宣言。

Fake0rgasm – SEMI SEMI

Wild at heart Xi’an female electric punk outfit Fake0rgasm brings riotous energy to their debut EP SEMI SEMI. Club beats rub shoulders with punk sermons, crunching guitars rage over spoken-word musings – there’s a bluntness to its provocations that’s very welcomed even when they don’t always hit their mark. More importantly, there’s a willingness to go down the rabbit hole – even when language itself gives up on you – that’s refreshing. Surreal, salacious, deviant, and devilishly fun – SEMI SEMI puts Fake0rgasm on the map.

内心狂野的西安女子电子朋克乐队 Fake0rgasm 用她们的首张 EP《SEMI SEMI》带来了狂暴的能量。她们将Clubbeat与朋克融合在一起,清脆的吉他声肆虐在口语化的思绪中–虽然并不总是一针见血,但其直率的挑衅 还是相当尖锐的的。更重要的是,即使在语言本身已经被放弃的情况下,他们仍愿意深入虎穴,让人耳目一新。超现实、淫秽、离经叛道、魔鬼般的乐趣–SEMI SEMI 将 Fake0rgasm 推向了新的高度。

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