New Music: Peach Illusion, 3He, Jahwahzoo

Peach Illusion 桃子假象 – 同名专辑

Peach Illusion桃子假象的存在,再次悄然温和的印证了厦门是一个具有自己鲜明音乐场景的城市。这是由主唱O.O和制作人C.C(The White Tulips的键盘手)组成的梦幻synth pop二人组。安静、优雅、精致的歌词,能融化最冷酷的心,强力合成器流行的编曲充满了孩子气的低保真魅力以及青春活力,它是一张完整独立却跃跃欲试的专辑——如同浪漫的冒险癖酒精调和了流行味道的碳酸汽水。

Xiamen quietly and modestly solidifies itself as a city with a distinct scene with Peach Illusion, the dreamy synth pop duo made up of vocalist O.O and producer C.C (The White Tulips’ keyboardist). Full of hushed, gracefully delicate lyrics that would melt the even the coldest of hearts and jangly synth pop flavored arrangements chock full of boyish lo-fi charm and bubbly youthful energy, it’s a fully realized EP and one that immediately comes to life. Romantic wanderlust spiked with fizzy soda pop. 




3He – Mirror Image

燃音乐带着他们最新的电音猫薄荷回归 – 来自成都的音乐制作人戈非以3He的艺名发布了这张复杂精妙到难以置信的EP。采用了各种老式硬件合成器和定制的Eurorack模块化合成器,这三首IDM风格的作品,充分展现了制作人精细、智慧的听觉掌控力——非传统音效的设计,有感染力的节奏编制和创意采样(比如来自电影《THX 1138》的采样),整张EP如同一首尖锐、刺激的机器华尔兹,试图在人类身心的混乱与秩序中寻找璀璨。

Ran Music is back with their latest electronic catnip – the incredibly satisfying, intricately composed EP from Chengdu producer Ge Fei aka 3He. Created with various old school hardware synthesizers and a custom-built Eurorack modular synthesizer, the three IDM stylized showcase the producers sophisticated ear for unconventional sound design, infectiously cool rhythms, and creative sampling (shout out to THX 1138) – an sharp, stimulating waltz with ‘the machine’ that finds splendor in both the chaos and order between our brains and bodies. 



Jahwahzoo——Zoo Party

不管你个人是否喜欢带着中式情结的雷鬼/SKA乐,Jahwahzoo在音乐中注入的魅力、才华和爱意让人无法抗拒。长期驻守于成都的雷鬼大乐队 Jahwahzoo上个月发布了他们的首张专辑——ZOO PARTY,这是一封写给牙买加音乐以及四川水泥丛林温床的情书。他们的音乐有一种充满耐心和专业的轻松感,曲调周围萦绕着悠闲的空气,他们善用一种温和的自信赢得你的心。

Whether or not reggae and ska filtered through Chinese sensibilities is your thing, there’s no denying the charm, talent, and love put into Jahwahzoo’s music. The long-standing Chengdu based big band style reggae outfit released their debut Zoo Party last month – a love letter to the Jamaican-bred genre and to the concrete jungle of the Sichuan hotbed. There’s a patience and professional ease to their music, a leisurely air that surrounds their sound, and a modest confidence that ultimately wins you over.



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