New Music: Osheyack & Nahash, happy little cat, Guangzhou Underground

Osheyack & Nahash – Club Apathy

Club music chopped up,  tossed into the blender and served with a quart of pop rock-infused Xifengjiu – the latest release from Shanghai mainstay SVBKVLT brings together the talents of Osheyack & Nahash for the jarring, off-kilter, and transfixing Club Apathy. Deconstructing and hard-wiring back together the club music the two seasoned vets have a penchant for with madcap aplomb, the collaboration features four tracks tailor-made for the dancefloor – a surreal sweltering cacophony of reggaeton, hard drum and gqom that leaves one gasping for air. The release also features remixes from the DJ Marcelle and Nikisi, offering their more experimental-leaning tendencies into the mix.

乐部音乐被切碎,扔进搅拌机,和一夸脱掺有流行摇滚的西风酒一起上桌——这是上海主力厂牌SVBKVLT的最新专辑,它汇集了Osheyack & Nahash的才华,为俱乐部带来了不和谐的,不稳定的,令人震惊的Club Apathy。这两位经验丰富的老手以疯狂而沉着的风格解构并重新组合了俱乐部音乐,这张专辑的包含四首为舞池量身定制的曲目——reggaeton、hard drum和 gqom 的超现实的闷热嘈杂,让人喘不过气来。这张专辑还收录了DJ Marcelle和Nikisi的混音作品,将他们更多的实验倾向融入其中。

happy little cat – Welcome to Bangkok

Much like one must learn to embrace the rain that comes with the tropical beauty of the sweltering Thailand capital, Guangzhou ‘ex-bedroom pop’ duo happy little cat seems to relish muddling in the waters of pop culture and the digital worlds that surround them – crafting a sound and persona that seems to feed off of the internet and its many ravines (even going as far as piecing together the LP separated from one another during the pandemic). Buzzing humid beats, a simmering layer of dream pop gloss, retro 80s vibes, and delicately crafted and often times deliriously kitschy melodies that feel like a glimpse into someone’s most intimate KTV moment (or breakdown) – pained with regret but filled with bubbling-over conviction and self-awareness (Never Mind Still Love U might just be the giddiest piece of songwriting out there) there’s an perverse charm to the world the pair has rendered here.

就像在闷热的泰国首都,人们必须学会接受伴随着热带之美而来的雨水一样,广州的 “前卧室流行 “组合happy little cat似乎乐于混入流行文化和他们周围的数字世界中—–打造一种似乎从互联网及其众多分支中汲取灵感的声音和人物形象((甚至在疫情期间,身居两地却凑成了一张全长)。嗡嗡作响的潮湿节拍、一层梦幻流行乐的光泽、复古的80年代氛围,以及精雕细琢、时常让人神魂颠倒的俗套旋律,感觉就像瞥见了某人最私密的KTV时刻(或崩溃)–痛心疾首,但又充满了泡沫化的信念和自我意识(Never Mind Still Love U可能只是最疯狂的一首歌曲创作),两人在这里呈现的世界有一种不寻常的魅力.

Guangzhou Underground – Thanks For Stopping By (An Ambient Compilation)

Guangzhou-based electronic label, Guangzhou Underground, who have been dedicated to bringing the sounds of underground dance music from around the world to China, and vice versa, for five years, turns loose their latest compilation Thanks For Stopping By (An Ambient Compilation) – which features tracks from the four corners of our Covid-locked down world. It’s a delicious, soul-soothing collection featuring tracks from an array of versatile producers including Lastboss, Process Prototype, Sebby Kowal, Yikii, Harbor The Anchored Tongue (aka Głós), YEN, Artefact Uknown, mafmadmaf, Die Toteninsel, Dj Tayta, Purple Key, Howie Hill, Burnie, NZO and catAKU. It’s a mammoth list including names that made not be familiar to club goers up north in China, key players in both China’s southern metropolises and the diaspora of Chinese and former expats. And a must for fans of ambient music.

来自广州的电子厂牌 Guangzhou Underground,五年来一直致力于将世界各地的地下舞曲带到中国,并以同样的方式向外输出,他们推出了最新的合辑《Thanks For Stopping By (An Ambient Compilation)》收录了来自我们这个被疫情封锁的世界四个角落的曲目。这是一张美妙的、让人心旷神怡的合辑,收录了来自Lastboss、Process Prototype、Sebby Kowal、Yikii、Harbor The Anchored Tongue (又名Głós)、YEN、Artefact Uknown、mafmadmaf、Die Toteninsel、Dj Tayta、Purple Key、Howie Hill、Burnie、NZO和catAKU等多才多艺的制作人的曲目。这是一个庞大的名单,其中包括了中国北方的俱乐部爱好者们并不熟悉的名字,中国南方城市的关键人物,以及散居国外的中国人和前外国人。也是氛围音乐爱好者的必备之选。

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