New Music: Nouvelle, Sunken Boat, Gentle D•BOY

Nouvelle – Baby, Don’t Be Too Sweet 宝贝,不要太甜

After years of stirring up noise down in Guangzhou, indie rockers Nouvelle are finally getting their due with their long-awaited debut Baby, Don’t Be Too Sweet. High-pitched noise rock that sways between cathartic emo punk pop and reverb-heavy indie pop without ever losing its crackle, they leave nothing on the table, throwing themselves headfirst into volatile waters of adolescence, its tense nerves beaten down by the waves over and over again. Sincere in its emotional turbulence, melody and noise are intertwined till the bitter end for Nouvelle. 

在广州制造噪音多年后,独立摇滚乐队 Nouvelle 终于通过他们令人期待已久的首张专辑《宝贝,不要太甜》得到了应有的回报。尖锐的噪音摇滚乐在宣泄性的情绪流朋和大混响的独立流行之间摇摆,但没有失去它的噪声,他们没有留下任何东西,一头扎进青春期的动荡水域,紧张的神经被波浪一次又一次地打倒。Nouvelle 在他们的情感动荡中表现得很真诚,旋律和噪音交织在一起,直到痛苦的结局为止。

Gentle 温柔 D•BOY – Love Room 恋爱房间

The side project of Chinese Football guitarist Wang Bo, Gentle D•BOY is an inspired slice of city pop that’s both self-aware of its manga-ified view of adolescence and utterly sincere in its contraption. There’s a lot more going on under the hood of D-BOY’s breezy lovelorn world – snippy bossa nova sliced with traditional Japanese ceremony music, bagpipe-laced ambient emo confessionals, and its playful and bittersweet lyricism. The kind of bubble gum pop that only a place like Shibuya could dream up. 

中国足球队吉他手王博的个人计划,一个优秀的 city pop 片段,既能对漫画式的青春期观有自知,又在精巧设计重保持完全真诚。在 D-BOY 轻快的爱情世界里,还有很多事情发生:休息室中响起传统的日本仪式音乐,情绪告解室被风笛环绕,以及它俏皮而苦涩的抒情。这种泡泡糖式的流行音乐,只有像涩谷这样的地方才能梦想出来。

Sunken Boat 沉舟 – 国王的权力

Hitting those rhythmic highs of bands like Residence A and Bloc Party, Luoyang’s Sunken Boat are a shaken bottle of pop ready to burst. A fast and punchy mix of saccharine indie pop and anthemic dance rock, the band has grown leaps and bounds since last years EP, more assured, more earnest and more hot-blooded than ever. And while at times it can be a bit derivative – sounding like a polished accumulation of China’s indie rock elite, but it’s hard to knock the hustle. They’ve got the goods. 

像 Residence A 和 Bloc Party 这样节奏十足的乐队一般,洛阳的沉船仿佛是一个摇晃的流行乐瓶子,时刻准备爆裂。他们快速而有力地混合了多情的独立流行和歌舞摇滚,自去年的 EP 以来,乐队有了飞跃性的发展,比以前更自信,更认真,更热血。虽然有时它可能有点缺乏独创性:听起来像是中国独立摇滚的一次精心积累,但很难打破喧嚣。他们有这个能力。

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