New Music: Nemassle/The Drowning Cat/1000 Failures

Nemassle 匿名私聊 – Abused Moment 受辱时刻

Hefei rockers Nemassle rallies against the absurdity of our modern age via their hefty tightly-wound debut Abused Moment. Tight, energetic, and sonically engaging, the young band, part of a generation of rockers left to vend for their own adolescence during the past few years, skirt on the edge of rock and roll’s more riotous cousins – grunge, pop punk, noise rock, psych rock, and screamo – captured with gusto over cold-eyed observations of the world around them. It’s a hell of a showcase – one that feels both earnestly old school yet determinedly of its time. Simply put, it rocks. 

合肥摇滚乐队匿名私聊的首张专辑《受辱时刻》(Abused Moment)以沉重而紧凑的旋律反击了现代社会的荒谬。这支年轻的乐队节奏紧凑、活力四射、音色动人,是过去几年内被荒废的一代的摇滚乐手中最杰出的一员,他们为自己的青春期燃烧自己的生命,游走在摇滚乐更暴躁的边缘,深谙grunge、流行朋克、噪音摇滚、迷幻音乐和screamo,在对周围世界的冷眼观察中脱颖而出。这是一场精彩绝伦的表演–让人感觉既认真老派又与时俱进,简而言之,十分震撼。

The Drowning Cat 落水猫 – Little Secret 小秘密

Punk rockers The Drowning Cat, out of Beijing, bring their sweet and sour (or as they put it, ‘sometimes like a rose, sometimes like a pool of stagnant water’) punk sound to life on their debut LP ‘Little Secret’. A rollicking good time that feels like a throwback in the best possible way – chock full of hard rock theatrics, cloying appropriate romantic gestures, and more deviant surf rock-laced jams – it’s the kind of music dive bars are made for. And while it may not ignite the world, there’s rugged conviction to The Drowning Cat’s sound that’s much appreciated. 

来自北京的朋克摇滚乐队溺水猫(The Drowning Cat)在他们的首张专辑《小秘密》(Little Secret)中展现了他们酸甜苦辣,或者用他们的话说,呈现了有时像玫瑰,有时像一潭死水的生活。他们的音乐充满了硬摇滚的戏剧性、令人心烦的浪漫姿态,以及更离经叛道的带着冲浪摇滚色彩的乐曲,是廉价酒吧里最适合的音乐。虽然它可能不会将世界点燃,但《溺水猫》的声音中蕴含着坚韧不拔的信念,这一点非常值得赞赏。

1000 Failures 千败 – Before the Lights All Go out 在所有灯熄灭之前

1000 Failures, the Shanghai pop rockers who lean into the genre’s more bombastic new school punk aesthetics, technically lavish emo rock qualities, and no frills melodic charm, bring their spirited anthems to the forefront on their debut Before the Lights All Go Out. Hankering back to the golden days of pop rock and emo in the late 90s, with a bittersweet exuberance that never gets bogged down in its youthful conviction, 1000 Failures may be too clean-cut for some, but there’s a lot to admire beneath their boyish veneer. 

上海流行摇滚乐队千败的首张专辑《在所有灯熄灭之前》的音乐风格可以追溯到上世纪 90 年代末流行摇滚和情绪摇滚的黄金时期,喜忧参半,却又不失青春活力,对一些人来说这样的音乐可能过于干净利落,但在他们稚气未脱的外表下,却有许多值得欣赏的地方。

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