New Music: Moxizishi, Lao Dan, Dolphy Kick Bebop

Moxizishi 莫西子诗 –  Moonlight Is Very White月光白得很

Beijing-based Yi (southwestern Sichuan) musician Moxizishi, has been steadily making a name for himself these past five years. Utilizing the rhythm and vocal stylings of traditional Yi minority music and injecting it with an experimental even improvisational energy that allows the songs to organically find a poetic nirvana, he once again mesmerizes on ‘Moonlight Is Very White’ which finds the artist taking refuge in the pine forests and mountains where he grew up all the while playing on a larger canvas sonically. It’s a dizzying concoction of world music influences, spearheaded by the singer’s soaring voice, with just enough psychedelic allure, reggae funk pop motion, and indie rock aplomb to get the weariest listeners intrigued.



Dolphy Kick Bebop – Smoke a Haiku Cigarette

Beijing based Space Fruity Records continues shining a spotlight on the budding experimental and psychedelic improv scene in China with their latest release from Hangzhou’s Dolphy Kick Bebop. The psychedelic jam outfit soaks in an array of influences – from African jazz to Krautrock, from Buddhist scriptures to the Velvet Underground, creating a sound that both echoes the sound of the 60s and 70s whilst evoking the modern landscape of China. It’s a head-trip worth taking. 




Lao Dan 老丹 – Going After Clouds and Dreams逐云追梦/ Functioning Anomie思維扭曲的行動體

The improvistional musician and wind instrumenist Lao Dan, one of the experimental scene’s highest regarded characters set loose two improvisational albums this year. The first, Functioning Anomie off of WV Sorcerer Productions, showcases Lao Dan’s alto sax skills. Recorded in the Qinglongdong Tunnel in Hangzhou the records captures all the natural cave reverb and the sound of the passengers and the cars were recorded along with Lao Dan’s madcap free improvisation. The second release, Going After Clouds and Dreams, off of Modern Sky’s Bad Head Records, focuses on the artist’s innovative and enthralling use of the bamboo flute.




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