New Music: Lonely Leary, JaJaTao, My Bloody Sex Party, The Or

Lonely Leary 孤独的利里 – Passenger on the Eve 前夜的乘客

The lore of Lonely Leary deepens on the Beijing post-punk band’s ravenous new LP, Passenger on the Eve. Unfolding like a pitch-black fairy tale that traffics in seductive malice and twisted truths, it finds the band barreling into the mouth of madness armed with manic fervor and intrepid storytelling. As Qiu Chi’s exasperation, captured in barbed snarls and instinctively on-point basslines, bleeds into Song Ang’s piercing and residue-omitting guitar melodies and Li Baoning’s thrusting and persuasive drums, Lonely Leary slowly turns their anxious and askew philosophy into gospel, luring listeners into a savagely alluring underworld akin to the Pied Piper. 

Lonely Leary的传说在这支北京后朋乐队的新专辑《前夜的乘客》中得到了深化。就像一个暗黑童话一样,它在诱人的恶意和扭曲的真相中展开,乐队带着狂躁的热情和无畏的叙事,冲进了疯狂之口。当邱驰的愤怒,被带刺的咆哮和本能被低音所捕捉,渗入宋昂尖锐的吉他旋律和李保宁有力的鼓点中时,Lonely Leary慢慢地把他们的焦虑和歪曲的哲学变成了福音,引诱听众进入一个野蛮诱人的地下世界,就像魔笛手一样。

JaJaTao 假假條 – 法利勝神經

JaJaTao takes the framework of grunge music and lifts it into the realm of spirituality on the Beijing band’s ambitious and wholly original sophomore LP 法利勝神經. Shades of sludge metal, noise and psychedelic free jazz wash over traditional Taoist music and Chinese folk funeral music, led by the Liu Yucao’s theatrical snarl and growl of a voice, which reaches even deeper here, creating an almost unrecognizable world that toes the blurry line between mediation and anguish. Yucao and company look to not so much topple but bask in the harsh realities of modern society, finding a zen-like ascension in the swirl of disillusionment and dissonance. Jarring and haunting in its spell, JaJaTao has turned their carnivalesque sound into a mantra. 


My Bloody Sex Party – Vol. 1

It’s hard to wrap one’s head around the chaos and disarray found in My Bloody Sex Party. Part of the reason is the visceral nature of its recordings – a scramble of ideas whose intent is to dismantle the very idea of musical form. Voices stack on one another, instruments are twisted in ways a music teacher would be revolted by, and any hope for something resembling anything you’ve heard in the past fades around. The DIY ethos are burned not only into the marrow of the recordings but in the mystery surrounding the band – supposedly a group of disillusioned middle school students throwing caution to the wind the summer before heading into high school. Punk as fuck. 

《My Bloody Sex Party》中的混乱和无序很难让人理解,部分原因是录音的内在本质——一种混乱的,想要对音乐形式进行解构的想法。声音相互堆叠,乐器被以一种音乐老师会厌恶地方式扭曲着,任何想听到类似过去的东西的希望都会消失。DIY的精神不仅烙印在录音的骨髓中,也烙印在乐队的神秘中——据说这是一群幻想破灭的的中学生在即将升入高中的夏天,把所有的谨慎抛在脑海(所录制出的),一如既往地朋克。


Chengdu’s The Or keep the mood taut on their self-released EP Mood For Us showcasing a dirtied up garage rock sound that’s blunt in its potency. With a touch of blackened romanticism swimming underneath the surface, there’s enough mystery surrounding to keep you coming back to the band’s relatively unfiltered and unadulterated take of British garage rock ala The Kills. 

成都乐队The Or在他们自主发行的EP《Mood For Us》中继续绷紧情绪,展示出最直接、富有力量的车库摇滚。在表面之下游走着一丝黑色的浪漫主义,有足够的神秘感围绕在你身边,让你不断地回到那些未经过滤的纯粹的英国车库摇滚,如The Kills。

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