New Music: Little Wizard, The Molds, Peach Illusion, Yunjing

Little Wizard 小巫师 – Little Wizard III

Little Wizard – the playful yet hard-hitting Shaoxing rockers return with their latest gut-punch of an LP – an exhilarating kaleidoscope of instrumental rock and roll that leaves nothing on the floor. While there are still plenty of traces of the band’s math rock acrobatics, the band is operating on another level here, charging full steam ahead with concise, chiselled and loaded tracks that ignite as soon as they hit the floor and are released into the urban jungle, oozing with magnetism and dynamo craftsmanship. Simply put, Little Wizard has cut off all the fat and delivered a crowd-pleasing, stadium-ready opus.


The Molds – MT.KOOLMOON 酷月山

Beijing’s The Molds once again recontextualize their rustic urban cowboy sound with their newest EP – Mt. Koolmoon, written during Liu Ge’s time in Australia along the equator. Using the limited tones of a secondhand CASIO keyboard and then bringing in a murder’s row of musicians back here in China, the four tracks evoke the dry subtropical weather of the Southern Hemisphere – rendering a sound that’s bittersweet and melancholic, yet beaming with a breezy, soothing and sun-baked romanticism that swallows you whole. This is most evident in the centerpiece dual tracks which contrast the views of Liu Ge and Niu Niu (singing in Japanese) – a Rashomon-esque trick that works wonders. Radiating – it’s just about the perfect summer jam.

北京的The Molds乐队在他们最新的EP《Mt. Koolmoon》中再次诠释了他们质朴的城市牛仔之声,这张EP是刘舸在赤道沿线的澳大利亚创作的。使用二手CASIO键盘的有限音调,然后在回到中国后找了一些音乐人,这四首歌曲唤起了南半球干燥的亚热带天气——呈现出一种苦乐参半的、忧郁的声音,但又闪烁着一种微风习习和阳光明媚的浪漫主义,将你吞没。这一点在主打的两首歌中最为明显,它对比了刘舸和妞妞(用日语演唱)的视角——这是一个拉绍蒙式的技巧,效果非常好。这张 EP 的魅力不断向外辐射,是那完美的夏季果酱。

Peach Illusion 桃子假象 – Farewell Journey 毕业旅行

A trip down memory lane and a peek into the future, Peach Illusion takes listeners on a graduation trip with their newest concept album Farewell Journey – which finds the Shanghai-based band looking back at their university years at Xiamen through wiser yet more hopeful eyes – stripping their favorite tracks to their bare essentials. The first disc, allows the acoustic guitar and piano (as well as an assortment of other instruments such as the accordion) to shed a light on the pure melodic pleasures of the band. The second disc pushes this concept further with a collection of bedroom tracks that restores the original incarnations of the songs, a candid intimate peek behind the curtain if you will. An audio yearbook of sorts, and a fine reminder of how choose to view our youth.

在记忆的长河中旅行并窥探未来,桃子假象用他们最新的概念专辑《告别之旅》带领听众进行了一次毕业旅行 —— 这支来自上海的乐队通过更明智也更有希望的角度回顾了他们在厦门的大学时光,将他们最喜欢的曲目剥离成最基本的东西。在 Disc 1 中,原声吉他和钢琴(以及其他各种各样的乐器,如手风琴)揭示了乐队纯粹的旋律中的乐趣。Disc2 则进一步推动了这一概念,收录了一些卧室曲目,恢复了歌曲的最原始的模样,如果你愿意的话,这是对幕后的坦率而亲密窥视。这是一本音频年鉴,也是对我们选择如何看待青春的一个很好的提醒。

YunJing 云镜 – White Gecko 白色壁虎

The young Xiamen ruffians YunJing offer up down and dirty raw vitality to full fruition on their debut EP, White Gecko. With a sound that evokes everything from 70s psych rock to Seattle-era grunge rock at its most combustible, there’s a primitive almost animalistic charisma to their brand of punk rock that’s loaded with sardonic wit, high-wire energy, and old school rock and roll magnetism. At its core though is an ability to straddle its melodic aspirations without losing a grasp of its more explosive and downright savage elements.


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