New Music: Li Daiguo, Lao Dan, Qiu Bin

Li Daiguo 李带菓 – Book of Prayers 祭祀簿 

Avant-garde multi-instrumentalist, and one of the leading representatives of Chinese experimental music – Li Daiguo’s latest looks to ‘common ancestry’ as a source of inspiration, pulling from a vast well of musical traditions and instruments. ’Book of Prayers’ finds spiritual solace in how notions of religion, mysticism, Taoism, Quantum physics, and nature feed into one another – finding common ground amongst them whilst weaving together spellbinding arrangements, dense in atmosphere and boundless in their intricacies and rhapsody. 


Lao Dan 老丹 – Shaolin Iron Leg Stunt 少林铁腿绝技

Lao Dan, the highly esteemed improvisational musician and wind instrumentalist jumps on the noise train for his latest ‘少林铁腿绝技 Shaolin Iron Leg Stunt’ – a live recording taken in Urumqi, Xinjiang earlier this summer. Connecting his flute to a machine – turning the instrument into a weapon of destruction fiercely thrown into a room full of adversaries (rendered via samples from various sources including an old kung fu flick). An ocean of sound – it’s a full-on psychedelic breakdown that makes great use of its spatial surroundings both physical and spiritual. 

老丹,这位备受尊敬的即兴音乐人和管乐演奏家在最新发行《少林铁腿绝技》中跳上噪音的列车——这是今年初夏在新疆乌鲁木齐的现场录音。他将笛子和电子设备相连,把乐器变成一种毁灭性武器,倾泻向满屋的对手(呈现了不同来源的采样,包括一部老功夫片)。这是一片声音之海:充分利用了周围的物质、精神空间,创造出极其迷幻的 breakdown 段落。图片

Qiu Bin 邱斌 – Four Pills of Ibuprofen

Arising from various GarageBand sessions and baked in the fever dream nostalgia of a trip to the beaches of Sanya, the new EP ‘Four Pills of Ibuprofen’ from instrumental electronic musician Qin Bin is the perfect pain relief. Much like the early work of other ‘musicians-turned-producers’ – Qiu Qin – who acts as drummer for Suzhou post rock group Grace Latecomer – has an ear for building detailed worlds brimming with vitality and rhythmic pleasures – a dizzying hallucination dipped in a haze of psychedelia. 

从 Garage Band 里的素材产生,烘焙出一种怀旧,源自三亚海滩之旅的热夜之梦。器乐电子音乐人邱斌的新 EP 《布洛芬四丸》是完美的止痛之作。如其他 “乐手出身的制作人”的早期作品,邱斌邱琴——苏州后摇乐队“优雅的迟到者”的鼓手,善于构建细节丰富的世界,充满活力和律动之趣,让人在迷幻之雾中产生眩晕的幻觉。

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