New Music: Li Daiguo, Bad Sweetheart, Hualun, Tragic Prescription

Li Daiguo 李帶菓 – Xiao Gong 笑功

Dali-based avant-garde multi-instrumentalist and one of the experimental scene’s most prolific and accomplished characters for well over a decade, Li Daiguo returns with his latest abstraction Xiao Gong, out on WV Sorcerer Productions. Composed on acoustic instruments and then immersed with the element of electricity as an ‘element of nature’ that runs will on its own across the transfixing and elastic arrangements, the album feels vigorous – a living daydream that drifts you from one hallowed hilltop to another. Its analog contraptions bleed into the music just as organically as its elaborate display of traditional instruments – an insubordinate character stuck in purgatory. Hauntingly beautiful. 


Bad Sweetheart – Bye Bye That’s All 今天就到这

Started as a project initiated between London and Wuhan over the pandemic, Bad Sweetheart is the latest band to tap into the jangly indie pop sound, with shades of city pop and noise rock, that’s been sweeping up the nation. But boy do they do it well. The band describes their sound as ‘suburban noise pop’ and that’s a pretty apt description for what makes their debut LP cut so deep. Between the feedback of the synthesizers to the whirling guitar reverb, there’s an unruliness to its songs of adolescent idleness and angst giving their sound a much-needed edge. One of the first true surprises of the year.

Bad Sweetheart是伦敦和武汉两地因疫情而发起的一个项目,最近他们带着 city pop和 noise rock 的色彩,以 jangly indie pop 席卷全国。但他们做得很好。乐队将他们的声音描述为 “郊区的噪音流行”,这是一个非常贴切的描述。在合成器的反馈到呼呼作响的吉他混响之间,他们的歌曲有一种青春期的闲适和不安,这些听众所需的情绪给了他们的声音带来了一个优势。他们是今年第一批真正的惊喜之一。

Hualun 花伦 – wʌndərlænd

Seminal post rock outfit Hualun continues shedding their skin with their latest EP in a series of improvisations, recorded between 2018 and 2019 in Shenzhen with the band’s two core members – Ding Mao and Zhu Mingkang. Via ‘drones and ambient instrumental soundscapes, Wʌndərlænd +4 (release with Crafting Room Recordings in the UK) ‘records the electricity in the air’ – almost quite literally as the recordings took place the night before a thunderstorm in the Hong Kong countryside, with the band feeling the ‘humidity and restlessness in the air’. As with the band’s previous iterations, there’s such majestic world-building going on with these tracks that immediately engulf you. You can also pick up a compilation of the band’s wʌndərlænd EPs via Gezellig Records who have released a vinyl picking the best tracks of the lot.

后摇乐队花伦延续了他们的新专辑风格,于2018年至2019年,乐队的两位核心成员丁茂和朱明康在深圳即兴录制了这张专辑。通过“在嗡鸣和氛围的声景下,Wʌndərlænd + 4(由英国的 Crafting Room Recording 发行)记录了空中的电力”——几乎是对,录音前一晚发生在香港郊区的雷暴,和乐队 “空气中湿度和不安” 的感觉,的真实记录。就像乐队之前的迭代一样,这些音轨中有宏伟的世界构建,它会立即吞噬你。你还可以通过Gezellig Records获得该乐队的wʌndərlænd EPs合辑。Gezellig Records 已经发行了一张黑胶唱片,精选了其中最好的曲目。

Tragedy Medication 悲剧药方 – 残舟断棹是福船

Indie rock lives and breathes down on the sandy shores of Sanya, Hainan via Tragedy Medication, the young guitar rockers who bring rugged musicality to their debut EP. Folk rock at its heaviest, dance rock at it’s loosest, Britpop at its most shameless, the band recalls everyone from Foals to Oasis; from No Party For Caodong to Miserable Faith, injecting even some reggae-inspired breakdowns throughout its five tracks. It’s perhaps a bit overwrought and doesn’t always hit those moments of arena rock it strives for, but there’s promise in these young musicians.

悲剧药方乐队在海南三亚的沙滩上生活和呼吸,这些年轻的吉他摇滚歌手将粗犷的音乐带到了他们的首张EP中。民谣摇滚最活跃时,舞蹈摇滚最松散时,英国流行乐最无耻时,这个乐队让人想起从Foals到Oasis,从草东没有派对到痛苦的信仰的音乐,甚至在五首音乐中加入了雷鬼风格的 breakdown 段落。对于这张专辑也许有点过于夸张,而且并不总是能达到它所追求的那种舞台摇滚的境界,但这些年轻的音乐人还是很有前途的。

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