New Music: Ksitigarbha, Howie Lee, LATENINE6

Ksitigarbha 地藏- 一藏

Shanghai world music prog rockers Kṣitigarbha quietly releases their debut EP, aptly entitled 一藏. A mythic and transcendent swirl of influences and tones as mind-bending psychedelia, world music and neo-folk gets filtered through ravenous and robust rock and roll chops, calling to mind everyone from King Crimson, Omnipresent Youth Society to Jethro Tull (when does a flute not evoke them), it’s boundless in its creativity. Never reaching too far into the abyss, there’s a spiritedness to the way the band giddily dives headfirst into their musical world, and while it at times it threatens to come undone by its own zeal, unpredictable and sprawling as they may be, there’s such ingenuity on hand that you can’t wait to see where they’ll go next. 

上海前卫世界摇滚乐队地藏悄然释出他们的首张同名EP。他们强劲而贪婪的音乐中渗透着令人着迷的迷幻音乐、世界音乐和新民谣,令人感受到神话般的超验体验,并想起了King Crimson,Omnipresent Youth Societ和Jethro Tull,都有着无限的创造力。这支乐队从来没有深入深渊,他们带着一种精神,轻盈地一头扎进自己的音乐世界,尽管有时会因为自己的热情而面临毁灭的威胁,尽管他们可能是不可预测和杂乱无章的,但他们天才令你忍不住好奇接下来地藏会如何发展。

Howie Lee – 7 Weapons Series 某种武器

One of the electronic scene’s most renowned producers, Howie Lee returns to his penchant of fusing traditional Asian sounds into the left-field club music on 7 Weapons Series out on Belgium label Maloca Records. While not as ambitious or dense as last year’s Tiān Dì Bù Rén, the artist’s zest for broadening the spectrum of electronic music and his rampant sampling remains as potent as ever as everything from ‘Tibetan chanting, middle-eastern zurna, syncopated drums, deep and modern bass, (and) buoyant jazz chords’ are synthesized with madcap fervor.

作为电子乐界最著名的制作人之一,Howie Lee在比利时唱片公司Maloca Records推出的7 Weapons Series中,再次将传统的亚洲声音融合到左派的俱乐部音乐中。虽然没有去年的天地不仁那样雄心勃勃或密集,但这位艺术家对拓宽电子音乐频谱的热情和他广泛的取样依然如故,”西藏的吟唱、中东的祖尔纳、切分鼓、深沉而现代的贝斯、(和)活泼的爵士和弦 “等所有东西都被他以疯狂的热情杂糅进音乐之中


Showcasing both his skills as a producer and rapper, Shanghai-based LATENINE6 is a jack of all trades on his refined and richly diverse debut ’NEW BORN CHILD’. Relishing the wide berth of musical influences that have shaped his life, the young artist ricochets from trap to house music; from 4/4 beats to warm-hued ambient tones – all the while delving into his various personalities – scrappy up-and-comer; romantic dreamer; urban hustler – with the help of friends CHILLGOGOG, Sdewdent, Shortit and II. 

来自上海的多面手LATENINE6在他的首张专辑《NEW BORN CHILD》中展示了他作为制作人和说唱歌手的双重技能。这位年轻的艺术家对塑造他一生的广泛的音乐影响津津乐道,他的音乐也从Trap到House,从4/4拍到暖色的氛围音乐有着十足的变化,与此同时,在他的朋友们CHILLGOGOG, Sdewdent, Shortit 和 II的帮助下,LATENINE6还深入挖掘了他的种种个性——充满斗志,积极进取,有着浪漫的梦想,也是都市里的骗子。

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