New Music: Kosmogyr, Casino Demon, Pool of Light

Kosmogyr – Eviternity

Black metal – metal’s dark artistically inclined cousin – has been seeing more and more of a resurgence in China, with technically skilled musicians attempt to harness the underlying beauty and grandiose atmosphere found within the genre. Case in point – Kosmogyr – the transnational duo made up of ex-Shanghai musician Ivan Belcic (of Death to Giants and The Machinery of Other Skeletons and much more) now based in Prague and native Shanghai shredder Xander Cheng. Staggering in its command, depravity, and relentlessness, its swallows you whole, tears out your intestines, leaving you gasping for air. On a technical level, it’s vividly mesmerizing. On an emotional one, let’s just say, you’ll need to take a breather afterward.





Casino Demon – Casino Demon

Shaggy, alcohol-soaked Beijing born ruffians Casino Demon, hone their laid-back rock and roll charm on their latest self-titled full length. In a testament to the band’s integrity as a family unit, albeit one that finds solace in the dreams and ramshackle evenings at School Bar (homebase for the trio) it’s the first time that all three members in the band have participated in lyrics, songs, and singing, leading to a constantly entertaining, and yes raggedy, collection of songs. There’s nothing profound being done here, and it evaporates almost immediately after playing through it once, but as far as rock and roll goes, you’re not going to find a group more relatable down-to-earth characters that present themselves simply as.



Pool of Light光淵- Jing 景

Looking to get in touch with your spiritual side? Or simply drone out and unwind? Pool of Light is slowly becoming one of my go-to artists when it comes to finding peace of mind through music. The Siberia-born, Shenyang-based ambient artist who uses bowed guitarist to create a meditative sea of drones, is back with his latest – Jing – and it’s yet again a transcendent piece of music that engulfs you, and much like the album art, focuses you to ruminate and savor every slight change in the texture of the music. Atmospheric in the fullest sense.



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