New Music: Knopha, Round Eye, Ecke Wu, springiscoming

Knopha – Gym

Abandon consciousness and immerse fully, just like when you’re lifting weights in the gym.’ There’s something inherently cheeky yet honest about the logline of Xiamen producer Knopha’s latest EP Gym. A buzzing, rhythmic tropical blend of house music grooves with elements of ethereal ambience and sun-drenched psychedelia, like the best house music out there, there’s a narrative pull to the entrancing melodies on hand. Organic in its design, precise in its propulsion, it’s an album that’s easy to lock into as you work those dance muscles. 



Ecke Wu – Performance 表演 

Ecke Wu, the singer for Shanghai dream pop outfit Forsaken Autumn, follows her own muse on the lush and ethereal solo LP Performance. Avoiding the thick walls of sound and distortion that previously drowned out her voice to a siren, the layers of fuzz and synthesizers instead complement the singer’s heart laid bare, giving a sense of space to the emotional turmoil and melancholy that resonates across the entire album. Elegantly made, it floats gracefully into the ether. 

吴雪颖,上海自赏乐队Forsaken Autumn的主唱,将她的思绪和心事融入了这张丰满迷离的个人全长专辑中。不同于之前她的声音淹没在厚重的音墙和失真之中,这张专辑的层层的法兹效果和合成器和补充了她的内心的真诚,制造出了一种带有混乱、忧郁情绪的空间,并让整张专辑得以共鸣。精致的制造让这张专辑仿佛优雅的漂浮在空中一般。


Springiscoming 虎啸春 – 不确定的自由落体

With heavy doses of cathartic post rock, downtrodden grunge, and rustic indie rock, Beijing’s springiscoming aims high on their debut LP. Their larger-than-life sound seems tailor-made for the big stage, and there’s a rugged tenderness to the way the band brings it all together – the light and the dark – into something evocative and vital. Whether or not the band can follow in the footsteps of acts like Omnipotent Youth Society or No Party For Caodong remains to be seen, but color me intrigued. 



Round Eye – Culture Shock Treatment

A fever dream of rock and roll delirium that never lets its foot off the gas, Shanghai’s Round Eye returns with their most diabolical release yet – Culture Shock Treatment. Produced by none other than Mike Watt of The Minutemen (with Bill Stevenson of The Descendents on mixing being the icing on the cake), there’s a carnivalesque quality to the way the band dives into the mouth of madness – tossing in elements of doo-wop, funk, blues with mischievous precision – all the while playing out like an extended punk rock episode of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. All conventions are tossed out the window as the rock and roll world the band has created twists in on itself. Best enjoy the ride. 

一场狂热的摇滚梦,一直在加油冲行,上海的Round Eye乐队带着他们迄今为止最为邪魅的新专辑《Culture Shock Treatment》回归。专辑制作人不是别人,正是来自The Minutemen的迈克·瓦特(Mike Watt)与来自The Descendents的比尔·史蒂文森(Bill Stevenson),乐队与生俱来的癫狂气质带来了一次狂欢——将嘟·喔普、放克、布鲁斯等音乐元素融合的恰到好处——上演了一场充满了戏剧性和冲突的摇滚朋克盛筵。所有的传统惯例都被抛弃,乐队创造了一个扭曲的新摇滚世界。做好准备,携手出发,让我们一起享受这场旅程吧。


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