New Music: Kirin Trio, Uncle Hu, BowAsWell

Kirin Trio 麒麟三重奏 – Dreams Come True 夢想成真

What is slowly becoming a genre onto itself, Amoy indie pop outfit Kirin Trio give their sun-baked and easy-going island surroundings the ideal soundtrack on their rich and effortless debut LP Dreams Come True, out on SJ Records. Capturing the slow pace of Xiamen living, the band, headed by vocalist Zhuang Jing and guitarist Chen Zhenchao, bring a scrappy guitar-driven sound to the Cantopop-inspired melodies, not afraid to lay into the reverb or skin of its drums. Far from the clean sugary-rush of other bands in their field, when Kirin Trio taps into its melancholy there’s a disheveled magnetism to it – its warmth and affection captured through the lens of a wiser (and at ease) individual. As the band proposes, even if your dreams didn’t come true in the traditional sense, it is precisely those young-blooded dreams that have made you who you are today – your truest self. 


Uncle Hu – The National Moment

Beijing-based singer-songwriter refines their rustic charm on their latest EP The National Moment. Calling to mind everyone from Elliot Smith to Kurt Vile, there’s a keen appreciation of the mechanics of classic rock and roll songwriting as well as the lo-fi alt-rock scenes that have emerged over the past decades. Tight arrangements, instrumentation that’s both effortless and deft, and bittersweet and sardonic lyricism that sneaks up on you with potency, there’s a lot more going on under the hood of these talented indie rockers.  

北京的创作型歌手Uncle Hu发布了他们的最新EP《The National Moment》。这些歌曲让人想到了,从Elliot Smith到Kurt Vile,每一个人都对经典摇滚歌曲创作的手法和过去几十年出现的低保真另类摇滚场景都有着敏锐的鉴赏力。紧凑的安排,轻松灵巧的乐器,苦乐参半的抒情,潜移默化的力量,在这些才华横溢的独立摇滚歌手外表下着有更多的值得一听的东西。

BowAsWell – Neon Donuts

There’s a cool-headedness to Zhang Yichi’s fusion of hip-hop, R&B, downtempo electronica, and neo-psychedelic music that’s hard to resist on the infectiously listenable Neo Donuts – the debut of the multi-instrumental and virtuoso producer BowAsWell. Not in just the way he skillfully takes everything from analog synthesizers, groovtastic baselines, and washed-out vocals and merges them gracefully around slick, retro-fitted melodies, but also in its jazz-evoking playfulness – which never loses it’s conviction and production pizazz amidst its elasticity. Sensual in both its craft and touch.


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