New Music: Kagami Smile, Li Song x Zhao Cong x Zhu Wenbo, sic & Zafka

Kagami Smile – The Cycle Cannot Be Reversed

Ambient techno via Midwest-born, Shenzhen-based producer Kagami Smile – whose latest release with Guangzhou electronic label Jyugam is a masterclass of audial design. Both mood setter and rave appetizer – the sonic vignettes within the producer’s new EP – The Cycle Cannot Be Reversed – finds an evocative, at times overbearing, balance between its hazy, busting-at-the-seams ambience and its pulsating noise-triggered beats – touching on everything from vaporware to shoegaze in the process. A trip well worth taking. 

出生于美国中西部、住在深圳的电子音乐制作人 Kagami Smile 带来他最新的氛围铁克诺(ambient techno),他在广州电子厂牌 Jyugam 的这一发行是一堂听觉设计的大师课。既调节情绪,又引人狂欢;伴随着声音小插曲,这位音乐制作人的新 EP The Cycle Cannot Be Reversed 在朦胧、过渡段落爆发的氛围和噪音触发的节拍中展示了令人回味、有时过于霸道的平衡。这个过程中,它触及蒸汽波到盯鞋中的一切。这是趟绝对值得的旅行。

Li Song, Zhao Cong, Zhu Wenbo 李松、赵丛、朱文博 –  3 lines and balloons 三条线与气球

Post-modern electroacoustic offerings courtesy of experimental music mainstays Li Song, Zhao Cong, and Zhu Wenbo – whose new release with Zoomin’ Night archives two of their performances during a recent tour of China. Part one, recorded at a show in Wuhan, revolves around a “3 lines” feedback system developed by Zhu Wenbo using transducers, elastic ropes, and other objects. Meanwhile, part two, recorded in Guangzhou, features amplified balloons – which go through all sorts of transfigurations throughout the performance while Li Song’s built-in speakers on his laptop add to the ambiance of dissonance. Certainly not for anyone. 


sic and Zafka 陈维 + 张安定 – Improv No.1 即兴一号

Sounds artist and electronic explorers sic and Zafka – forge beautiful alchemy on their latest – Improv No . 1 – an experimental electronic improvisational collaboration. With an emphasis on the ‘hard’ in hardware – their performance recorded live over two sessions in Beijing at the end of 2023, uses modular hardware, drum machines, samplers, and synthesizers with various sound synthesis methods. It feels very much alive – with both players feeling each other out as they listen and react in real-time across wires, circuits and gear. 

声音艺术家、电子音乐探索者陈维和张安定在他们的最新发行《即兴一号》中施展了美丽的炼金术,这是一次实验电子的即兴合作。强调了硬件中的“硬”——他们在 23 年底于北京录制的两个现场,使用硬件的模块、鼓机和采样,以及各种不同声音合成方式的合成器。听起来很有临场感:两位演奏者通过线路、电路和设备相互感受,实时聆听并给出反应。

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