New Music: Jo’s Moving Day, Human Instrumentality Project, Laisee

Jo’s Moving Day 乔迁日 – Itinerary 航行指南

Jo’s Moving Day pack a potent punch on their debut Itinerary – a richly imaginative, instrumentally lush shoegaze album that establishes the Guangzhou supergroup, which features members of Cheesemind, Yellow Light Garage, yourboyfriendsucks!, and Pocari Sweet, as one to keep your eye on. Calling to mind the heyday of the 90s were bands weren’t afraid to lean their amps turned all-the-way up, there’s a palatable depth to the band’s sound – one that sweeps you into its current almost immediately – as walls of sound swirl alongside pummeling drums and the wispy vocals of Ruibi Qiu – never too dark, never too sweet. Dream pop made with craft. Jo’s Moving Day

在他们的首张专辑《Itinerary》中带来了强大的冲击力:一张想象力十足、配器丰富的盯鞋专辑,使这个由 Cheesemind、黄灯车库、yourboyfriendsucks!和Pocari Sweet成员组成的广州超级组合成为一个值得关注的乐队。在 90 年代(盯鞋)的全盛时期,乐队并不害怕把他们的音箱开到最大,他们的声音有一种令人愉悦的深度——一种几乎立即把你卷进它的电流中的声响,当音墙与猛烈的鼓声和邱比瑞的飘渺的歌声一起旋转时,他们的音乐永远不会太黑暗,也永远不会太甜美。这是梦幻般的 DIY 流行音乐。

Human Instrumentality Project – The Brutal Angel’s Thesis

Anime-inspired deathcore music out of Guangzhou, Human Instrumentality Project are unlike anything else out there. Based on the classic Japanese animation “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” the band digs into the psychology and mindset of the children chosen to pilot the giant EVAs in a ‘world that is distorted, morbid and full of mental pollution’. It’s surprisingly heady stuff but the real gut punch is how brutal the band sound. Finding solace in the classical music and anime OST samples one moment and then tearing you limb to limb the next, it’s gnarly stuff that doesn’t hold back – a rip-roaring roller coaster. 

来自广州的受动画启发的死核乐队,Human Instrumentality Project 与其他任何的乐队都不同。基于经典的日本动画《新世纪福音战士》,乐队挖掘了在一个 “扭曲的、病态的、充满精神污染的世界 “中被选中驾驶巨型EVA的孩子的心理和精神。这让人感到十分振奋,但真正投下重击的是乐队如此残酷的音乐。在古典音乐和动画 OST 的采样中寻找慰藉,然后在下一刻把你撕成碎片,这是不留余地的生猛的音乐,仿佛一趟被撕裂的过山车。

Laisee 利事 – 大无所畏

After nearly a decade of captivating audiences across China with their white tee-wearing, pop rock blending ballistic hardcore tunes, Beijing’s Laisee turn loose their debut LP, 大无所畏, with Modern Sky. While some of the bite is lost in the transition to record – and let’s be honest, there was no way capturing the band’s happy-go-lucky demeanor and acrobatic freestyle antics was going to be an easy task – their debut does manage to emphasize how unruly their sound has become – finder room for the band’s sugar-coated pop punk tendencies, hip hop nu metal stylings, and even ska-inflicted breakdowns amidst the bombast. Anything goes in Laisee’s world, so grab hold and enjoy the ride. 

在近十年来用他们穿着白T恤、融合了硬核音乐的流行摇滚吸引了全中国的观众之后,北京利事乐队与摩登天空一起发行了他们的首张全长专辑《大无所畏》。虽然在向唱片发行的过渡中失去了一些锋芒——说实话,捕捉乐队乐天派的风采和杂技般自由滑稽的表演并不是一件容易的事,他们的首张唱片确实设法强调了他们的声音变得多么不羁——为乐队转向糖衣外壳的流行朋克、嘻哈,新金属,甚至是轰轰烈烈中的Ska-flicted breakdown找到了空间。在利事的世界里,什么都可以做,抓住它们并享受这段旅程吧。

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